Easy online writing for kids for a happy homeschooling year!

Online writing for kids can be a lifesaver when you homeschool several children. It encourages independent work and allows you to focus on the kids that need one-on-one attention. But, how do you find a program that engages your elementary-aged kids and teaches them, too? After all, teens have access to imaginative learning projects that get them excited to write. Younger kids need something immersive and imaginative, too. Personally, I can’t stand the usual “write about your summer vacation” type of writing assignments many programs offer. Kids need writing projects they will care about.

Enter Night Zookeeper. This online writing for kids program will make your homeschooling year awesome. Let me tell you about why you should consider it.

online writing for kids from night zookeeper

Online Writing for Kids That Will Super-Charge Your Homeschooling

Immerses your child in a story

Right from the start of the program, Night Zookeeper invites children to create an animal for the zoo and then asks questions about it. Children draw their animal in full color, name it, and give it a personality with likes and dislikes. This is basically character development. These animals then become part of the storyline of the zoo. As children write about them, they earn opportunities to power up, open new games, and win real prizes.

You see, Night Zookeeper offers an engaging game atmosphere that kids love but that also teaches strong language arts skills. Children care about their writing because they get to write about their characters doing what they chose in a real online game atmosphere. Also, the more they work to power up their animals, the more ready they are when battles come. With a higher level of power, they can defeat the Void Monsters!

Full language arts program

Teaches all language arts strands in a variety of interactive ways

As kids write about their special zoo animals, Night Zookeeper gives them age-appropriate goals and challenges designed to promote better writing. These range from word choice to grammar skills and more. The lessons also include reading comprehension skills. This online writing program for kids is a full language arts program without all the boring stuff! Instruction happens in a variety of formats which include twice weekly interactive videos, interactive games, progressively more difficult goals, and constructive feedback from peers and adults.

Relevant feedback from peers and professionals

And, kids also hear from professional tutors and teachers who encourage them and provide meaningful, personalized feedback. But, feedback is somewhat dependent on how much your child invests in the program. So, it is important that kids log in at least twice a week to progress through the program and improve their writing. The ability to give and receive comments adds to the immersive and relevant environment of this program. Kids want to hear from others besides their own family. They want to know that what they are doing matters. This real world feature offers that.

In addition, kids have the opportunity to be showcased in the Night Zookeeper blog and/or the global leaderboard. They also offer writing competitions to encourage kids to do their best because it matters.

Parental controls

For concerned parents, it is important to note that there is no live chat in Night Zookeeper and all writing assignments and comments are moderated. Parents can even turn off this feature if they prefer on their Parent Dashboard, which also tracks children’s progress and allows you to choose difficulty level.

A Solid Online Writing for Kids Choice

Homeschooling multiple kids brings challenges that online writing for kids can ease. This solid choice offers a fun, immersive learning environment that invites imagination and real world participation. Get kids excited about writing with Night Zookeeper!

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