Presenting a great career prep tool for undecided teens

I can’t believe that my last two kids are both now in high school! It’s bittersweet. I have been talking with my daughter who’s a junior this year about life after high school. Will she choose an alternative to college or will she need some college readiness skills? To help her figure this out, I went hunting for a career prep tool. I was looking for one of those career assessment tests that would give her a list of options that matched her interests and skills. I found a few of those online, but what I ended up using is far better than just an online quiz. Enter Voyage from Thrive Academics.

screen shots from Voyager a career prep tool

A Great Career Prep Tool


In my hunt, I found a few fantastic courses that were live. But, that would not work for my teen. You see, she wants to get a local job so she can start earning money for her future. Since teens get limited hours in the first place, she needs courses that are flexible. Voyage is self-paced and is set up as five modules that build on each other. For her, this works with her schedule and it also allows her to skip around a bit. This is important because the first module is all about personal branding and figuring out who you are. She did a lot of this over the summer through a STEM Academy program for which she was accepted. So, she can skip that module and move right into the Career Planning module.

Unique, Immersive Course Environment

My favorite aspect of Voyage is the course environment. Every module opens with an interactive, 3-D map. The course menu on the side is easy to navigate and Thrive Academics provides plenty of help for students as they move through the course. They use a combination of interactive animation, audio instruction, pictorial cues, and hands-on application of concepts to teach. This multimedia, immersive career prep course kept my visual daughter engaged and made it meaningful.

In addition, rather than just give assignments, a checklist, or a worksheet, Voyage includes defined type-in fields. Each field is clearly marked as to what your teen needs to enter. If they need help, there are plenty of tips and examples to help them complete the highly relevant task, such as learning how to write an effective resume.

Not Just Career Prep, But Life Prep, Too!

The Voyage course includes five modules–Who Am I?, Career Planning, College Planning, Financial Responsibility, and Everyday Living. Each of these modules includes 4-6 lessons and the entire course is meant to take one semester to complete. These modules are meant to prepare students for life after high school, not just for vocation or college. The last two modules teach life skills such as planning a budget, building credit, paying loans and taxes, staying healthy and navigating insurance, traveling and purchasing a vehicle, and more. This course might just be all you need to launch your teen into adulthood. In fact, you can get a FREE Adulting Checklist from Thrive Academics to help you get started.

Check out Voyage and see if your teen might like it as much as my daughter has.

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