A New Romans Study Guide for Women

Have you ever struggled with what book of the Bible to read next? I try to carve out daily Bible time, but devotions can sometimes seem superficial and I crave more nourishing spiritual food. So, instead of the devotions, I choose to tackle a whole book. But, I’d appreciate some guidance so I can really dig deep. Let’s say I decide to read Romans. Now, comes the hard part– finding a Romans study guide for women. Not that Romans has a special message just for women, but it might be nice to study it from a woman’s perspective. However, most teachers write study guides for a general audience, so this can be tricky. And, then of course, how do I know which ones are biblically solid?

In the past, I’ve considered Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). They have a live Romans study with a women’s track, a youth track, and a men’s track. Everyone studies the same book together, but the questions are slightly different. It’s free and they do an excellent job. It’s very in-depth and emphasizes small group discussion. But, their Romans study guide for women is only available every 5-8 years because the entire BSF community does it together on a rotating cycle. I want to do it now.

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A new Romans Study Guide for Women

Created for busy moms

Personally, I had a hard time finding something to meet my needs! I not only wanted a Romans study guide for women, I desired a study that respected the busy lifestyle of a mother. I don’t have time to sit for an hour so I can read a chapter of a book and then answer two pages of questions. Trying to do those types of studies left me feeling discouraged and defeated. I’d start. And stop and start. And stop. By the time I got through it, I couldn’t remember what I had learned at the beginning of the book! I need a study that challenges me in the 20-30 minutes I have while my kids eat breakfast (or lunch, since I homeschool).

I am also wary of a study that preaches too much. The Word of God speaks! Let it speak to me! Just give me some good questions to help me draw out the truths of scripture that God wants to reveal. I love to hear women’s testimonies and how God taught them important lessons. But, I’d prefer to read those beautiful stories in my leisure reading time, not in those precious quiet moments with the Lord.

Written for believing women

One thing I really like about BSF is that their questions target both new and more mature believers. But, when I’ve got limited time, I don’t want to keep going over the same beginner-type questions I’ve already settled in my heart and mind. I want to dig deeper, I want “solid food,” as Paul writes. If I am to continue to grow in my faith, I need to be pushed a bit harder, challenged, sharpened.

But, my issues and the challenges I face differ from my husband’s and from my children’s. I prefer a Romans study guide for women so that the questions are geared toward my life stages and the unique walk of a woman.

Additional features and helps

This new study includes coloring pages and memory cards–creative aids that many women like–myself included! I like to cut out little cards with memory verses and post them in my bathroom, in my car, and in my kitchen so I will see them often. Creativity is a form of worship and so singing, drawing, and other creative pursuits help me learn. I don’t mind listening to someone talk while I cook or do my morning routine, and I know others sometimes appreciate this, too. So, this new study includes one short video for each week of the eight week study.

Interested? Get this new study created especially for you!

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