8 great ways to use relaxing coloring pages

Adult coloring books are all the rage these days. These relaxing coloring pages recall youthful days with bright new crayons. Do you remember the joy of opening that new box of crayons with all the exotic colors and none of them broken or with flat tips? The only thing I didn’t like was the smell. Paraffin makes me sneeze, but I digress.

Most of the time, we think of these adult coloring books as a way to relax and they are. But, there are many other ways to use them. And during the holidays and other stressful times, you might appreciate some of these other ideas for using relaxing coloring pages in your day.

relaxing coloring pages with markers and crayons on a table

8 Great Ways to Use Relaxing Coloring Pages

Stress Relief Tool

The first way to use them is not surprising. It is the most common one! After all, studies on coloring and stress reduction show that it is effective in reducing stress levels. Coupled with deep breathing, it puts the body into a somewhat meditative state, bringing a calm focus. Keep this in mind when you know you will face a stressful situation, such as a difficult relative or appointment. Otherwise, you might like to try some of these ways to stay calm

Mid Day Break

Whether you are at home or at work, keeping some relaxing coloring pages around may offer a short break. Give yourself permission to take a few minutes to debrief, decompress, destress. Because your brain needs a rest sometimes, intentionally setting aside some coloring time gives it a break. If you do this, you will come back refreshed and calm, better able to face whatever the rest of the day brings. And, it’s fun!

Relaxing Coloring Pages Offer Creative Expression

Completing pages in an adult coloring book offers a creative outlet, especially for those who think they aren’t artistic. The finely drawn designs give a framework for infinite creative possibilities. Plus, each completed page is unique and individual, just like something done freehand. In addition, you get an opportunity to create something beautiful and professional looking, even if all you can draw is a stick figure. So, if you want to complete a piece of art you’re proud of, take out that adult coloring book!

Artwork for Notecards

Have you seen the smaller versions of relaxing coloring pages? These are more portable than a full-sized adult coloring book. But, they lend themselves to personalized notecards. What a beautiful way to send a personalized note and make others feel special. To get going on yours, check out these options.

Book Covers

Another option for that gorgeous artwork is to use it creating custom book covers. Use your pieces for your binders, journals, and protective covering for students’ textbooks. First, carefully tear or cut your completed work of art out of the book. Then, add a title in permanent marker, wax crayon, or other colorful writing tool. I like to add a bit of calligraphy flair. Last, slip it into your binder or glue or tape it to the plain brown book cover on your journal or textbook. You could also use contact paper, shipping tape, or an epoxy. Tada! You just transformed the blah into bamglam pretty.

Candles, Cake, and Coloring Party

Hey, ladies! Why not get together and have a party featuring coloring pages? Add in some cake and candles and you’ve got a ladies night out! What could be better than relaxing coloring pages, great conversation with friends, and cake? So, if you want to plan one of these events, you might need to provide coloring books. Otherwise, invite them to bring their own. Here are some options that we offer.

Bible Verse Memory Aid

For some people, doing something with their hands helps them remember. So, when they want to learn Bible verses, they might try coloring them. There are a few ways to go about this. If this describes you, read on. First, you might try an illustrated Bible. An illustrated Bible includes space on the sides of the verses for you to draw or include fancy lettering. If you want to see this in action and get tips, check out this video.

Another option is doing a word study. In a word study, the Bible focus is on a particular word in Scripture, what it means and how it’s used. You first choose a word in the passage you are studying. Then, you discover its original meaning through a concordance. Next, you look at how the word is used in the rest of the Bible.

Once you have done all this, then you can create a vision board type illustration for yourself. This is how you do it. You put the word in the center in fancy lettering and circle it. Then, you write the definition under it. After that, you create spokes or some other lines coming out from that central word. Finally, write the verse citation where you find that word at the end of each spoke. This isn’t exactly relaxing coloring pages, but it is a visual study aid for learning the Bible.

Coloring the actual verses, as we offer in our Bible Psalms Coloring Book, is the final option. Tracing the letters and adding in color helps people remember better. Use this tool the next time you’re having trouble memorizing Bible verses!

Relaxing Coloring Pages For Your Bedtime Ritual

Because adult coloring books help you relax, they just might make a nice addition to your bedtime routine. Instead of reading that new fantasy novel, try some relaxing coloring pages instead. It might just do the trick to calm your mind, engage your senses, and set yourself up for peaceful dreams. When you’ve had a hard, stressful day, unwind with some coloring.

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