The Best Preschool Program for At-Home Learning: a Sonlight Review

Because my kids are teenagers and young adults, I don’t often write about little kids. After all, most homeschool programs try teaching small children to read, write, and do simple math, and I am very much against that. Read-aloud time and lots of outdoor, hands-on play should form the staple learning diet of young children. But, how do you choose books for read aloud time? What do you do when it rains or you’re tired of playing at the beach or in the woods? Well, a good preschool program uses the best living books, lots of sensory materials, and plenty of imaginary play. Those things are developmentally appropriate. And when I went looking for something with a bit of structure to do with my little granddaughter, that’s what I looked for.

I was super thrilled to find the new and improved Sonlight preschool program. This preschool program included all the favorite books I read to her mom and aunt and uncles! Imagine my delight reading Caps for Sale, Go Dog Go!, Horton Lays an Egg, and so many others all over again with my little sweetie.

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The Best Preschool Program for At-Home Learning: A Sonlight Review

A gentle approach

Small children really don’t need worksheets or lots of formal education. (That’s one reason why I don’t offer printables for children under age 6). But, they do need routine. And, since I’m not a young mom anymore, I don’t want to hunt around for great books and plan wholesome activities from scratch every time my granddaughter is at my house (which is often). But, I do want to stick to what I know to be best. And, I want to share with her all the goodness that her mom and others enjoyed.

The gentle approach offered by Sonlight‘s preschool program helps me stick to my principles without all the work. The curriculum guide has a suggested reading schedule and hands-on sensory activities inspired by the Montessori approach. Sensory materials include sandpaper letters, counting chips, and plastic shapes, along with other suggestions like using the little knife to cut up soft foods. It also introduces children to popular children’s songs, common Spanish words, and Bible stories. If you follow the guide, you can enrich your preschooler’s life in under an hour, three days a week. Of course, if your child is like my granddaughter, she might explore the books on her own and ask you to read them all the time. I have been reading Go Dog Go! and the Usborne Look Inside Your Body books every day for several weeks now….

Builds a library of award-winning books

I love holding and reading these books again after so many years! But what I like even more is that they aren’t torn, scribbled in, or otherwise damaged. This beautiful preschool program gives me the chance to build an awesome library of children’s books all over again. Because they are included, the curriculum reminds me of popular fairy tales and Mother Goose stories that every child should know but are sadly missing sometimes. But, this time, the books stay nice because they live on grandma’s shelf for all (future) grandchildren to enjoy. I get the joy of encouraging a love of books and learning all over again. Take a look at all the wonderful books included.

Preschool program suitable for unschooling families and many other homeschooling styles

I have been homeschooling for nineteen years and mostly followed an unschooling approach. I am absolutely delighted with this program because it’s exactly what I did with my children! If Sonlight would have created this program twenty years ago, I would have saved myself countless hours at the library, bookstore, and craft store. No twaddle, no worksheets, no developmentally inappropriate material. If you are an unschooler, you will love this program because it helps you do you, but better. You can use the curriculum guide as much or as little as you wish, If you are a Charlotte Mason, classical, or relaxed homeschooler, you will love the living books and hands-on activities that align with your philosophy.

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