How to improve reading skills with LightSail

My younger son needs a little nudging when it comes to reading books. He is very picky. It is challenging to find books that he not only likes, but that aren’t intimidating. He doesn’t have severe dyslexia like his older brother, but he is a somewhat slow reader. So, sometimes he says, “I hate reading.” That’s what his brother used to say. I need to turn that around. I want to encourage him and help him feel more confident, especially now that he is headed for high school. But, most programs for how to improve reading skills are designed for children under age ten. I need something for a teenager that won’t make him start at a basic level and that takes his large vocabulary into account as well.

So, when I discovered LightSail for Homeschoolers, I got excited. LightSail for Homeschoolers builds lifelong learners through an all-in-one language arts program. This online platform and e-Library adapts to and challenges growing readers and writers while personalizing their educational journey.

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How to Improve Reading Skills with LightSail

Well-designed assessment tool

When I tried to help my older son with his fluency and reading ability, I used a program that required him to read aloud. Great concept, but the program’s reliance on voice recognition caused a lot of frustration. I briefly tried it with my younger son, too, but even years later, the program wasn’t any better. LightSail for Homeschoolers knows how to improve reading skills using a different approach.

First, my son completed an assessment that involved reading passages and answering questions. They cleverly designed the questions to test not only reading ability, but comprehension and vocabulary at the same time. Their assessment tool prevents kids from just guessing or copying what the passage said. I really liked this because my kids have been known to figure out how to “beat the test.” I don’t know why they do that since it only hurts them. Maybe they like the challenge?

Anyway, their assessment tool gives a more accurate picture of a child’s abilities so that parents can better track their child’s progress.

Addresses all four pillars of how to improve reading skills

LightSail for Homeschoolers uses an immersive approach to improve four pillars of reading skills. The four pillars are: reading, writing, vocabulary, and fluency. Now, I always advocate an immersive approach for learning anything, especially with teaching small children to read or teaching small children to write. My favorite thing about LightSail for Homeschoolers is that it helps kids improve their reading skills without them even knowing it! Through the assessment tool and asking your child about their preferred book genres, the program finds books for your child. These books are not only at their reading level, but also from their chosen genres. That way, it’s a win-win.

And, LightSail offers books from all your favorite publishers, so there’s no hokey “formula” readers. Personally, I hate that! LightSail contains an extensive collection of tens of thousands of engaging books and multimedia content from respected publishers such as World Book and Lerner Publishing, as well as trusted homeschool and faith-based publishers. Parents customize this collection to the individual needs of their children and their family values through LightSail’s ChildSafe Content Control Service and reading- and grade-level appropriateness controls. These are books that their friends are reading, that they’re talking about, that they’ve heard of on social media or elsewhere.

In addition, the parent panel allows you to control the reading selection so that if there’s certain books you don’t want your child reading, they won’t be offered. Check out their library and see for yourself. LightSail parents have real-time access to meaningful data about their children’s reading and writing trends, comprehension, and growth that allows them to guide, create, and enhance the learning experience.

All online!

I love books and I’m sure you love books, too. I love the feel of them, the smell of them, and I love how they look on my shelf. But, I don’t like buying more and more bookcases (I don’t have room for that!). And now that I only have four more years of homeschooling, I am trying to clear out some books, not add more. So, I appreciate that LightSail for Homeschoolers gives my son access to hundreds of books without me incurring library fines or adding more books to my collection.

Not only that, but it allows him to take his library everywhere we go. And, he can read through the books and start new ones without additional purchases. As he progresses, LightSail for Homeschoolers automatically updates the difficulty level of the suggested books. That’s how to improve reading skills across all four pillars over time without him even knowing it. And I can track it all from my parent panel.

The LightSail for Homeschoolers language arts platform provides parents with a comprehensive and engaging online reading and writing program for children in grades pre-K through 12. A foundation in the science of reading and writing combined with the experience of a team of home educators creates a family-friendly learning experience advancing skills in reading, writing, vocabulary, and fluency. The LightSail literacy platform that has enhanced learning for over 5 million school students is now tailored especially to the educational goals of homeschoolers.

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