Exciting Online Homeschool Lessons That Shore Up Worrisome Gaps!

As an unschoolish family, we like to use a variety of resources. Sometimes, we use online homeschool lessons and sometimes we use more analog type living history resources or language arts resources. But, even though I know better by now (I have been doing for 20 years…), I still sometimes worry about knowledge gaps. It came up recently when we were considering sending our youngest son to private high school. He took the MAP test and his lack of life and earth science showed. Alternatively, he did very well on the physical sciences, his favorite. Anyway, I felt like maybe I should find a resource that would help me address those gaps.

I found out about Education Perfect and decided to check it out because it sounded more comprehensive and appropriate for an older child. I was impressed! Not only is it a great option for filling in gaps, but it is also a solid choice for a full curriculum of online homeschool lessons! Let me tell you about it.

online homeschool lessons with education perfect
online homeschool lessons with education perfect

40,000 online homeschool lessons!

First of all–40,000 lessons? I mean, 40 thousand? That’s an amazing volume of material designed specifically for kids. And, this is meaty stuff using primary source material on slides, videos, experiments, and other multimedia. And, Education Perfect includes lessons that are super relevant to today’s youth.

For example, in English for Grade 10, my son had fun dabbling in the online homeschool lessons in visual media including short films, GIFS, print advertisements, and more. Under speaking and listening, he was pleasantly surprised to find lessons about podcasting. And that’s just a few examples. Education Perfect includes so many lessons, you could use it for every subject as a core curriculum instead of a supplement, as I mentioned above.

And with the parent dashboard, I can easily check to see what my son’s been working on. So, if he spends too much time on physical sciences (again), I can steer him toward some earth and life sciences. I can even have him take an assessment to see exactly what lessons to send his way. So, I can let him browse and I can also give him assigned lessons. And, he earns points toward competitions, too!

online homeschool lessons with education perfect

Real competitions, real prizes

About those competitions–

Education Perfect offers world-wide competitions in which my son can compete in two ways. One, he can compete with himself and earn a certificate recognizing his efforts. Two, he can compete each month with other homeschoolers world-wide for prize money. While I don’t usually care for contests, I found that money really motivates my son. So, when I showed him this feature, he got really excited. I had to watch him carefully, though, to make sure he was completing work appropriate to his age. Just as with some library summer reading challenges, there is the temptation to do a whole bunch of easy lessons just to get the prize….

Awesome customer service!

With such a robust platform, I love that Education Perfect offers lots of support. There’s a Facebook group, a free live webinar on how to homeschool with Education Perfect, and if I’m really stuck, I can book a free, 15-minute, one-on-one platform demo. Personally, I like to fumble around a bit, but this site is huge. So, I like to know that help is there if I need it…or, if I’m just afraid that I missed something really great…

While I only have one student left in my homeschool (my high school senior is doing junior college this year), you need online homeschool lessons for several children. Education Perfect is great for middle school on up and you can add all your students affordably. And of course, you can assign each of them different lessons, or just let them pick and choose. Either way, you will see all of your students’ progress in your parent dashboard.

Now is the time to give it a try! Start your free trial of Education Perfect online homeschool lessons and get 20% off with code save20 through October 31, 2022.

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