Interactive Homeschool Science Labs that Make Learning Science a Breeze

When my older children were teens, I spent a LOT of money on dissection specimens and chemistry lab equipment. I still have some of that equipment, but not the chemicals. I remember the time and mess involved in doing homeschool science labs myself. Sometimes, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing, even though I have a science background. On top of that, there was no one to call if the lab didn’t turn out the way that the instructions said it should. Numerous times, the physics labs didn’t quite work. Either the machine parts didn’t fit exactly, something was missing, or we ended up skipping a lab altogether. At times, the younger two got into the supplies and we found something missing or broken, even though they had their own science resources.

Anyway, now that the younger two are in high school, I decided that homeschool science labs had to be done differently. I no longer have the time or the inclination to get out all the equipment and try to troubleshoot labs that baffled me the first time around. So, when a friend told me about the homeschool science labs from Greg Landry, I had to check them out.

homeschool science labs

Interactive Homeschool Science Labs that Make Science a Breeze!

Life-like interactive lab environment

The first time I entered Greg Landry’s lab, it felt like I was in a real lab, right down to the lab coat and goggles! It’s like walking into a virtual room where you grab equipment, open drawers, turn on the sink…everything. There’s even music and sound effects! The life-like feel of the laboratory creates a welcoming and familiar atmosphere for students. That way, there ‘s no disconnect between a real lab and the homeschool science labs. Then, when they enter a real lab in college or work, they can make a smooth transition, right down to the clean-up, safety protocols, testing conditions, and filing lab reports.

Videos and instructions are super clear

Have you ever tried to do a lab and the instructions read like a non-English speaker wrote them? Ever felt like a step had to be missing because what you did, it didn’t work? I have. Not fun. We ended up giving up, which means wasted money and not really fulfilling the “lab” part of high school science requirements. Well, Greg Landry is a former college professor and homeschool dad, so he knows how to explain things so teens understand. The video instruction is super clear and the step-by-step written instructions are easy to follow. In addition, Greg is very accessible if you have questions or problems!

No equipment needed for these homeschool science labs

Even though I have a shelf full of science equipment, I appreciate that these labs don’t require me to take any of it out or purchase dead animals or chemicals. And, for all you families out there who would prefer not to stock up on chemistry and physics equipment, this is much more economical, safe, clean, and easy. You just log in to the homeschool science labs and everything is done right there in the virtual lab. No questionable chemicals, preserved animal specimens in your freezer, or lots of storage space for equipment.

All your teens can do it together.

If you have multiple children in middle school and/or high school, they can all do Greg Landry’s homeschool science labs together. To do this, you just sign up for the self-paced family subscription. That way, you don’t need to buy enough dissection specimens for each teen or disassemble physics equipment for the next student. Each of them can log in and do the same lab at the same time starting at the beginning.

Great for special needs, too!

Some teens are sensory avoidant and don’t want to touch icky stuff. They may also struggle with hard-to-follow instructions and get frustrated easily. These homeschool science labs offer a perfect alternative for the child who needs explicit, easy, step-by-step instructions that include video and no complicated or yucky stuff. Greg even includes clear instructions on how to write a lab report.

I found these homeschool science labs to be an awesome alternative for my teens. If you don’t want to deal with the frustration and mess of trying to do it yourself, check out Greg Landry’s Interactive Homeschool Science Labs.

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