Why These Homeschool Biology Classes Get Teens Excited

Right now, I have one child in high school and I have graduated two children. My youngest is finishing up middle school. Since I have all this experience, you’d think I’d have all the high school science stuff figured out by now. The truth is that each child did high school a bit differently. And you would expect that since we are more of an unschooling type family. However, my third child has expressed to me that she wants her high school classes to look a lot like her friends’ classes. That means that I have had to look into homeschool biology classes for high school.

However, since I am a free spirit at heart and she already tried a homeschool biology textbook approach that didn’t work, I had to get creative. She did finish about half the book so I needed to find something to give her more lab experience. I also wanted something challenging that would round out the biology she already had. That’s when I found College Prep Science Biochemistry/Microbiology semester course.

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Why These Homeschool Biology Classes Get Teens Excited

First, a lot of teens–homeschooled or not–get a little scared when it comes to high school science. So, when it comes to homeschool biology classes for high school, it’s no different. But, with the emphasis on STEM careers, parents really want their teens to have an edge. I would argue, though, that the way some courses teach, they don’t get kids excited about science. For example, here are my tips for getting kids excited about plants. This is one of the most neglected, yet most important, areas of science. The homeschool biology courses available at College Prep Science, however, get kids excited, not fearful and here’s why.

Relates to Real Life

I asked my daughter her favorite thing about the Biochemistry/Microbiology College Prep Science course she was taking. She said, “Well, it’s nice that it relates things to your body and to real life and not just the regular biology stuff. It really helps you understand it better.” Personally, all biology classes should be able to relate the content to real life. After all, life is all around us. And if biology is important and is a way of explaining that life, shouldn’t it be easy to use that relationship in teaching? The College Prep Science class shows her why it’s important to learn biology instead of just covering the scope and sequence of abstract concepts. That’s why kids get excited about these classes. Teens always want to know why they need to learn something.

Homeschool Biology That Integrates More Learning Styles

Most homeschool biology courses are textbook based. But, what if your teen is more of an audio-visual type learner? Lots of teens these days do better with a video component. As I mentioned earlier, my daughter had originally tried a textbook and struggled. She can read just fine and there were some illustrations, but it wasn’t enough. With the video component that includes lots of full color visuals as well as Greg Landry talking, she understands the material better. It’s the next best thing to a live class! She told me that she likes that it has the video component and lots of colorful illustrations. It really helps her understand, she said. She hears it, she reads it, she sees images, and she writes it in the study guide. This homeschool biology course from College Prep Science uses all the learning channels, increasing retention. That’s another reason why teens get excited about these classes.

If you’re a more relaxed family like ours, but you want a solid science program for your teen that’s a bit different, check out College Prep Science. They offer the traditional homeschool biology, chemistry, and physics courses, but they also offer alternatives like the Biochemistry/Microbiology course. In addition to self-paced classes, they also offer live courses. Grab your FREE virtual science lab test drive and see if College Prep Science might be just what you’re looking for.

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