Easy, Affordable Online Dance for Beginners: A YouDance Review

As a person who always got picked last for gym class, I grew up dreading sports. I had poor eye hand coordination and struggled to connect my hand with any moving object smaller than a beach ball. It took me for-ev-er to learn coordinated movements, such as sophisticated choreography. But, I loved to move and tried dance for beginners. My bicycle was my friend and so was my record player (yes, I had one of those kids’ portable ones that played 45s). I took it outdoors and hooked it up with an extension cord so that I could dance in the wide open. Yes. Because it was difficult for me to learn others’ choreography, I created my own and used my yard as my studio.

Fast forward a couple decades and lo and behold, a few of my children also avoided sports for similar reasons. But, my sons were too embarrassed to try dance. They did Tae Kwon Do instead. However, my daughters tried dance for beginners and also gymnastics for a while. Then, one of the recitals required the girls to wear provocative outfits and dance to an objectionable song. Sadly, I had to take my daughter out of that dance school. She’s grown now, but I wish I had had other options.

And now things have come full circle. My kids are (mostly) grown and I still love to dance. But I’m not going out in my backyard to do it and I’m too old for the studio. However, recently a friend introduced me to an option that I could do in my basement that is super easy, even for me! Let me tell you about YouDance.com.

dance for beginners with youdance.com

Online Dance for Beginners That’s Easy and Fun!

Great exercise alternative to sports

Sometimes, the only organized option for kids to get exercise is the local softball or soccer league. Even the YMCA gym offerings often emphasize sports. Well, lots of kids don’t like sports or get very anxious about them, especially team sports. And, even if they do like sports, it can be both time and cost prohibitive to have lots of kids involved in different ones. So, YouDance.com offers a great alternative to help them get some exercise.

But, what about those squeamish sons? Well, I was happy to see that young men teach many of the lessons on YouDance.com and dance styles include hip hop and contemporary, which are generally more agreeable to boys. There are even lessons specifically designed for home exercise! For me, that was my favorite option. Those aerobicize classes at the local gym move waaayyy too fast for me and it’s embarrassing that I can’t learn the moves fast enough. Uggh.

dance for beginners with YouDance.com

Dance for beginners for kids with coordination issues

Remember I said that some of my kids struggle with coordination, just like me? Well, one of my daughters has Asperger’s and so, even dance for beginners at the regular dance school posed issues. I ended up enrolling her in a class specifically for autistic children. But, she was so high-functioning that the other children distracted her and she still struggled. YouDance.com would have been perfect for her. The dance steps are broken down into one minute increments and start with the most basic aspects of all–foot position and breath. The freedom to repeat a video as often as needed ensures success.

youdance.com dance for beginners

Great for kids with short attention spans

In addition to my daughter with Asperger’s, two of my kids have ADHD, which means that they struggle to pay attention and follow rules. When a game goes on and on and the coach puts your child in the outfield, these deficits pose a serious problem. They need fast-moving, complex activities to keep their attention and they need as few rules as possible. Dance is a perfect match for these needs and YouDance.com is a great option. Not only are the lessons very short and easy to follow, there are dozens of them in several dance styles, including clogging, ballet, hip hop, jazz, and contemporary. Not only do they have lessons, but they also have choreography exercises (that’s in addition to the dance for exercise lessons I mentioned earlier). And, no distracting ads, no provocative outfits.

Easy for mom!

I really enjoy doing dance with YouDance.com as a fun exercise option that takes me back to my favorite childhood past time. But, I also like that there’s no driving around all afternoon and for young parents looking for a break, this is an affordable and fun option. You can even track their progress with the quick quizzes and points awarded. And, the whole family can do it together at home.

Sign up now and get a FREE trial. After that, it’s just $25 a month or $180 a year for the entire family! Imagine. The whole family can get quality exercise, building fun memories and confidence in their abilities.

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