How to reduce allergy symptoms with daily habits

While some habits make allergies worse, you can learn how to reduce allergy symptoms with daily habits. These habits are simple to do and can make a big difference in how good or bad you feel. Because, let’s face it, natural remedies for allergies work better if our symptoms are milder. And, if we’re using over-the-counter or prescription medications, we would prefer not to rely on them completely. In my own experience (when I was a teenager), I developed a tolerance for them over time and every year, I needed stronger and stronger medication. So, don’t let that happen to you! Make these habits a regular part of your routine.

sparse room is one way how to reduce allergy symptoms

How to reduce allergy symptoms with daily habits

Thorough Cleaning

One of the best tips for how to reduce allergy symptoms is to reduce the surfaces on which allergens collect. That means decluttering your home. Not only does it get rid of all those many places where dust, pollen, and mold accumulate, but it relieves stress, too. I know it’s an overwhelming and monumental task! But, once you do it, it’s fairly easy to maintain. Try some of these spring cleaning tips and tricks to help you.

And don’t forget the carpets, couches, and stuffed animals. Pollen and dust love to hide in those soft, fuzzy surfaces. If your children suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma, it is especially important to pay attention to these items. You might consider eliminating these things from their bedrooms and installing an air purifier to help keep their rooms clear of allergens.

Close Your Windows During the Day

I love those fresh spring breezes, especially after a long winter cooped up breathing stale air. However, all that fresh air can carrying particles that cause irritation. And, once it’s in, it blows all over the house, spreading pollen and other allergens everywhere. Then, they’re hard to clean out and can continue to cause irritation for months afterward. If allergies are a major problem in your home, it might be better to keep those windows tightly shut.

A relaxing way for how how to reduce allergy symptoms: shower before bed

A lot of people are in the habit of showering when they wake up so they can feel more alert. But a lot of recent studies show that showering before bed can improve your quality of life. This is partially because washing your body off helps remove the allergens that have adhered to your clothes and skin. Another great side effect is that you will be more relaxed when it’s time to fall asleep, which is exactly what you want from sleep time.

Use Eucalyptus During Showertime

Science shows that certain essential oils and herbs can help with allergy symptoms. Eucalyptus and peppermint are two that are well suited to bathing. They both contain menthol, which has always been famous for helping people to clear their sinuses and expel dried residue.  Simple put a few drops in the hot water with you for a relaxing effervescent experience.


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