Convenient Online Homeschool Science Classes Your Kid Will Love

This school year has been a bit crazy. I usually do a lot of hands-on stuff with my kids, but my remaining two students are teens now. It’s bittersweet. My youngest still builds things, especially mechanical things. But, our homeschool journey has morphed into more independent work. Sometimes, we use science games, but he and his sister mostly work alone. Because I now own a home business, I had to look for online lessons for him. His sister goes to co-op classes for some of her high school and the rest she does online, too. She chose to do that because a lot of her friends are at the co-op. My son, however, knows no one and after trying it, preferred not to go. So, back to the hunt for quality online lessons. The hardest to find are online homeschool science classes.

He had watched a lot of documentaries online for history through Great Courses, but I would not allow him to watch the science ones. I have strict standards for science. After some hunting around, I found some great online homeschool science classes through Greg Landry of College Prep Science. These classes more than met my standards.

a child doing online homeschool science classes with beakers and notepad

Convenient, Online Homeschool Science Classes Your Kid Will Love

Easy to navigate learning platform with clear instructions.

First of all, if a teen or child will be doing the lessons independently, the learning platform needs to be easy to navigate. They should not have to take a separate lesson in how to find things. Do your kids take the time to do that? Mine don’t. They want to jump right in. They figure they can figure it out as they go. One of the things I loved (and my son liked, too) was that College Prep Science classes are super easy to navigate. Everything is there on one page and you just click the link for the lesson you want to do.

Suits a variety of students and science interests

One pet peeve I have with most online homeschool science classes is the lack of variety. Everyone seems to offer only the standard biology, chemistry, and physics courses. For younger kids, it’s mostly animals and kitchen chemistry, with maybe some plants and people lessons thrown in. When my kids were small, I could piece things together to cater to their specific scientific interests. But now, I really don’t have the time and we’re talking about high school level coursework, not a bunch of library books and kits.

I can’t tell you how I’ve had to hunt for quality online homeschool science classes that are rigorous, but cater to the varied interests of my kids. They don’t want to do the typical stuff. College Prep Science does offer the standard biology, chemistry, and physics at both the middle school and high school levels. However, they also offer Anatomy & Physiology, Embryology/Endocrinology, and others. My son enjoyed the Anatomy & Physiology class because Greg didn’t water down the material. He included all the proper names of the bones and muscles. And, my son could learn about the topic that interested him without having to do a whole life science class.

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Online homeschool science classes with lots of helps

Another thing I really liked about College Prep Science was that Greg didn’t assume that my son knew the scientific method, the metric system, taking scientific notes, and other basics. He included these lessons to make sure that every student starts from the same base of knowledge. . All of the lessons in the Anatomy & Physiology self-paced course started with prayer, and included both visuals of Greg and of the bones, muscles, heart and blood vessels, all the digestive organs, and the lungs. My son really appreciated having it right there on the screen as Greg spoke. In addition, the provided PDF study guide includes beautiful, full color pages from the video lessons. And, it includes exercises to help record and reinforce the learning. My son found it amazing that the human body has 600 muscles! Thank goodness he didn’t have to label all of them!

I really appreciated the ease of use, the high quality lessons in some not-so-typical life science topics, and the beautiful, clear helps offered by College Prep Science. I encourage you to check out their offerings or grab their free science lessons to try them out.

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