Achieve more with high school dual enrollment at Thiel College

As I’ve talked about before, I don’t think that college is for everyone. But, if your teen wishes to pursue a career that requires college, I definitely recommend high school dual enrollment. It is one of the excellent college options to reduce cost and get a head start. In fact, my oldest two (who have already graduated) took a few courses at the local junior college while they were still in high school. This helped them get a head start on general college requirements. It also helped them gain skills and determine their paths while they were still at home.

Sometimes this can be achieved online, but most of the time, high school dual enrollment is an in-person thing. For many, it means the local junior college. But, some lucky families have four-year colleges and universities nearby who offer dual enrollment programs. Unfortunately, I don’t have any such college near me. But, some friends in Pennsylvania recently told me about Thiel College.

images of Thiel College where students can enroll in high school dual enrollment

Achieve More with High School Dual Enrollment at Thiel College

entrance pillar of thiel college for high school dual enrollment in Pennsylvania


One of the things they told me that they really liked was the location of Thiel College. The college is located in the beautiful natural countryside of western Pennsylvania, but is still within driving distance of several urban areas. It’s like the best of both worlds. This also makes the campus accessible to many families and public high schools. In fact, for this reason alone, my friends’ teens are seriously considering continuing their college experience at Thiel. In addition, Thiel College is very homeschool-friendly. Check out their homeschool college admissions page.

It’s important to note that location can make or break the dual enrollment option. Not everyone has a college within driving distance, especially not a four-year one. For many, college credit during high school may only be possible through exam. So, why not take advantage of this if you have the opportunity?

Personal and relevant college experience

While the location is certainly beneficial and unique, other things about Thiel College are far more impressive. After all, what’s really important about high school dual enrollment is what your teen does with that college credit. Will it be accepted at the college of their choice? Can they apply the credit earned toward a degree at the same college where they were dual enrolled?

Small class size, many offerings

And this is where Thiel College excels. Because of their low student to teacher ratio (11:1), it’s almost like an extension of homeschooling. Students can earn credit in the core subjects required by most colleges and apply them to a four-year degree. And Thiel College offers a full lineup of 60 different areas of study. Personally, I would only be interested in the math and science degrees as those are required for their respective fields. So, check out the math and science degrees at Thiel!


One of the issues with college is that students often graduate with a lot of head knowledge but no relevant experience. If your dual enrolled student continues on at Thiel College, he will graduate with real-world experience! An impressive 100% of students complete an internship or practicum. For me, that’s a great reason to consider doing high school dual enrollment and then applying to Thiel upon high school graduation. It makes me wish I lived in western Pennsylvania! But, even though I can’t enroll my high school student in their dual enrollment program, she can still take a look. You can take a look at Thiel College, too, now that it’s college admission season. It’s a solid option.

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