Why a Flexible Online Degree is a Great Option

This year, my younger daughter enters her junior year of high school. You know what that means, it means it’s time to talk about career choices. She has already told me that she thinks she wants to go to college. I told her that she needs to decide on some possible careers first so she can determine whether or not it will truly be necessary. After all, there are many alternatives to college. In the meantime, I’ve been taking a look at flexible online degree options for her. When I learned of Total Testing and their partnership with Daemen College of Amhurst, New York, I got excited. Here is a great option for a flexible online degree.

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A Great Option for a Flexible, Online Degree

First, I want to say that a flexible, online degree offers some great advantages. One, students can work and complete college credits at the same time so they don’t incur debt. This also allows them to get valuable work experience, even if it isn’t in their chosen field. The fact that a young person has a reference (or two) who can vouch for their work ethic helps a great deal with those after college interviews. Another advantage is that they can complete their degree in less time and (usually) on their own schedule. That means they get higher earnings sooner than their traditional college counterparts. Total Testing offers some additional advantages that make it nice a option.

Proctored Exams

Total Testing offers two degree programs through Daemen College–a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The core of these degree offerings is testing. Students can earn up to 90 credits toward one of the two degree offerings just by taking exams through Total Testing. Then, they take the remaining 30 credits through online classes at Daemen College. Now, unlike some programs, these are proctored exams. I really liked this because it brings greater legitimacy to the exams and to the credits received from scoring well. If the exams aren’t proctored, then what’s preventing students from cheating?

Study Materials and Advisors

Total Testing does a great job of preparing students for the proctored exams. They offer a study guide with course syllabus and recommended textbook for the course. They then offer supporting materials such as slides, video, and homework assignments. However, it is up to the student to work through the material at their own pace in order to prepare for the exam that will award them credit. Advisors are available to help students plan and move through the courses. Students can take up to three exams per month. One thing I must note is that students cannot skip around and pick and choose courses. There is a specific set of courses and a particular order in which those courses must be taken. This is clearly laid out for students. Overall, the student dashboard is very easy to navigate.

Flexible Online Degree Programs in Partnership with an Accredited College

Now, I know there are other testing-based college programs that partner with accredited colleges. But, it can get really confusing when there are too many choices. And, some of them can still take a few years to complete. Not with Total Testing. With Total Testing, a student who just wants a liberal arts degree can earn a Bachelor’s degree in only two years! This is a great option for teens who want a degree but can’t really narrow it down. Or, maybe they want a degree in English, Literature, Communications, History, or some other humanities or liberal arts area. This option offers an affordable way to do that and it gives parents who want their child to go to college and “get a degree in something” some peace of mind. And, if a student wants to start their own business or get into business management, the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration will enable them to hit the ground running.

I was very glad to discover the Total Testing option for my daughter. It offers a flexible online degree option that is affordable and saves time while awarding a degree from an accredited institution. It’s a win-win!

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