Apologia Bible Curriculum: How to engage kids so they really learn the Bible!

If you’ve some of my other posts, you probably know that I don’t advocate giving prizes for Bible memory. I had very bad experiences with teaching my kids about God’s Word whenever prizes were involved. What worked the best was talking about my own testimony and how God has worked in my life.

The second thing that worked well was helping them understand it better. That way, they not only knew what the Bible said, but they knew how to apply it. This was especially important with my special needs kids who don’t always make connections easily. I didn’t give prizes, but instead, I tried to use other ways to engage them. We did art projects, songs, games, some video, many discussions and readings, and some missional things, like service to our neighbors.

I recently learned about a new program that encompasses many of these very things. Apologia Bible curriculum, The Word in Motion, makes it easier for families to really learn and know the Bible through head, heart, and hands. It’s like a curriculum using all the materials and learning style approaches that I used with my older kids. But, you don’t have to piece everything together because they’ve done it for you!

Apologia bible curriculum sneak peek

Introducing the Apologia Bible Curriculum

What it is

Apologia’s The Word in Motion is a two-volume homeschool Bible study curriculum that equips families to read the Word of God with passion, purpose, and big-picture understanding. In volume 1, students will explore the people, places, events, and all thirty-nine books of the Old Testament. Volume 2 covers the people, places, events, and all twenty-seven books of the New Testament. Developed in cooperation with Walk Thru The Bible, this curriculum also gets kids up and moving to help them remember the key people, places, and events from every book of the Bible!

As with most Apologia homeschool products, this Bible curriculum includes a full color text for both parent and child. Plus, each volume includes instructions for accessing the included video component.

What I love about it

Based on learning styles

It’s actually rather hard to find a Bible curriculum that uses all learning styles at once. Most of the time, Bible studies with kids are print-based. Well, I happen to have a severely dyslexic son and a son who was a late reader. So, reading and learning through print wasn’t a popular choice and forced me to hunt down videos. Unfortunately, most videos are rather cheesy and short on doctrine and deep learning. And songs for learning the Bible? Well, songs are songs. They help, especially with memory, but they don’t replace lessons. So, I was absolutely thrilled to find the Apologia Bible curriculum The Word in Motion because it truly incorporates hearing, seeing, speaking, and doing or the three main learning styles.

This curriculum does a great job of covering all the bases to make sure children really learn and know the Bible. I especially loved the whole body motions and hand signs. My children with ADHD always loved lessons that encouraged them to move around. And, the fact that these motions aren’t just dance choreography, but motions designed to help cement key concepts and words impressed me.

Check out a sample video lesson from the Old Testament The Word in Motion book.

Teaches themes and connections of the books of the Bible

Do you know what the book of Zephaniah is about? How about Philemon? Don’t feel bad if you don’t know because I didn’t either and I thought I knew my Bible! And that’s another great thing about the Apologia Bible curriculum, The Word in Motion. It teaches you and your children what each book of the Bible is about. You will know, without thinking too much about it, what the themes and messages of each book are. So, not only do they learn and understand, but so do you. I loved this and learned so much even though I have read the entire Bible. It helped me articulate the Bible better so I could be a better witness. It will help you and your children know and understand the Bible better, too.

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