Unschooling Planner (DIGITAL)



Bookmarked, fillable, and beautiful, this digital unschooling planner  was specifically designed with you in mind! It has Weekly Review pages, The Week Ahead pages, and Daily pages to help you set goals and plans, track your progress, and keep records of completed projects. This planner will help you stay on target without the constraints of subjects and assignment pages that every other homeschooling planner has. Even unschoolers benefit from planners. But, you’re different, so you need a different kind of homeschool planner. You need an unschooling planner.

At a whopping 475+ pages, you keep this on your computer and type directly into the planner. No more eraser marks or torn pages. No more finding space to store all those records. Find your way around in this unschooling planner using the bookmarked months. Just click on the month you are currently in, and voila! you’re there. No scrolling through the PDF to find your place. It’s easy to use and works with your unschooling life.

As you can see, you won’t find anything like this anywhere else. And, you can use it no matter what year it is, what week or month it is. It’s beautiful and perfect for your unschooling home.


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