The Best Homeschool Planner for “Delight”-ful Families (DIGITAL)


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Fillable and beautiful, this digital homeschool planner is the best homeschool planner for delight-directed families. And, it is one of the templates I created years ago to track my own homeschooling journey when the typical planners didn’t suit my needs.

This is the best homeschool planner because it allows you to keep a simple record of what you did in each subject area every week. No complicated assignment pages or spending hours plotting out months in advance. Just jot down a few notes each day in the appropriate box.

It gives you the freedom to pursue what delights you and track the materials you use. But, in a simplified way that allows you to cover all subject areas through your delights over the course of a week. No figuring out a schedule ahead of time. You can see instantly from your notes what subject areas you have been spending a lot of time on and what subject areas your next adventure might need to cover.  I designed this planner to simplify record-keeping for the school year, especially if your state requires records.

Streamlined and simple, it has just one sheet for each of the 36 weeks of the school year. And because it’s fillable, there’s no need to print it out, saving you ink and paper. No erasing. No torn pages. And no half-used lesson plan book. It’s the best homeschool planner because all you need to do is just type and save. All homeschoolers,  even unschoolers, benefit from planners.  But, many planners are bulky and include sections that people never use. Looking at all those pages that you’re “supposed” to fill out makes some moms feel frustrated and defeated. Get a planner that you will actually love using because it’s so easy!

You’re different, so you need a different kind of homeschool planner. You need the best homeschool planner for delight-directed families.


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