While you wait for your free planner pages, you might like to take a look at this…

You try to be more relaxed and even unschool, but you have to submit records to the state….

Every year, it’s a tug-of-war between sticking to your principles and figuring out how to show the state that you’re “doing school.”

Some years, you’re really good and try to adapt a typical school planner. But it’s clunky because you don’t really do the whole “read chapter 1 and complete the worksheet” thing.

Other years, you threw all their projects in a big box and sorted it out later. Yeah, that was fun sorting all that out…

You just wish there was something out there that really worked for you and how you do things.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a planner specifically designed around interest-based goals and projects, but still helped you show that you “do school?”


Introducing the Julie Naturally line of planners!

relaxed homeschool planner
the best homeschool planner for delight-directed learners

Check out these sample pages!

the best homeschool planner for delight-directed learners

Track 36 weeks of delight-directed activities based on categories, not lesson plans. No need to print it out. Just type directly into the planner! 

Much better than that box full of projects! Saves you precious time and also helps you see at a glance areas of weakness and strength.

Make your record keeping easier right now for only $6.99!


Maybe you want something that tracks both interest-based and parent-led learning. Here’s something for you!

relaxed homeschool planner

Track 36 weeks of productive learning activities while still noting any curriculum or community classes you may be using. No need to print this one, either. Just type directly into the planner!

Make your record keeping easier! Grab this planner created just for you for only $6.99.

This is the year that you get organized!

This is the year that you save time and energy with the right tool for your homeschool.

You deserve to be free of the frustration of using sub-par freebies designed for school-at-home.

Quit wasting money on planners that you stop using halfway through the year.

Grab one of these planners and never need to buy a planner again!