Regrow vegetables from kitchen scraps

If you intend to grow your own vegetables in your backyard or on your patio, you can always start from seeds or use plants that have already been started by the local nursery. Another option is to regrow vegetables from kitchen scraps. Kids love this! It’s an opportunity to show them some of the amazing abilities of plants. Ready to get started? Here are some plants that have the ability to regrow.

bowl of potatoes used to regrow vegetables from kitchen scraps

Regrow Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps

Romaine Lettuce

Having lettuce at home is always a good thing. While it isn’t exactly expensive to get at the store, you often want to have it fresh and need it without making an extra trip. You can have it on hand just about year-round when you grow it yourself. Romaine is one of the best greens that can grow on its own just from food scraps. All you need is the stump of your romaine lettuce and about ½ inch of water. Leave it in a jar with the water, and it will start to grow. Once this happens, transfer it to soil and you will have romaine lettuce growing.


Another excellent vegetable that you can grow from scraps is celery. Like the romaine lettuce, you need the base of the celery bunch instead of an individual celery stalk. Buy a celery bunch at the store and when you’re done using the celery, save the base of it. Place it in a bowl with warm water and put it in sunlight. Once the leaves begin to grow, you can transfer it to soil in a pot or in your backyard.

Regrow vegetables from kitchen scraps of potatoes

Multiple types of potatoes can grow on its own from the food scraps, including white potatoes and sweet potatoes. If you are working on eating healthier or even low-carb, you can still enjoy sweet potatoes. What you want to do is take a sweet potato and cut it in half. Take one half of it suspend it above a glass by using any type of skewer or stick that will hold it. A few days later it will grow roots, which is when you can remove them and plant them in the ground. You want about an inch of roots for this to work.


If you like to eat carrots a lot, you can regrow them with the tops of your carrots. Cut off the tops of a bunch of carrots about an inch below the greens and put them in a bowl or jar of water. Set it in the sunlight either on your patio or right in your kitchen in the window sill. With a few days, you will start to notice more carrot leaves which can be used in different dishes.


Regrowing garlic is easy. You can grow a new bulb from one clove of garlic. Make sure you buy garlic bulbs with the skin still on. Also, try to get organic garlic. Organic garlic has not been treated to prevent sprouting. To grow new garlic, just break off the clove and put it in a cup of water. Soon, you will have tender garlic sprouts.


If you want to regrow onions from scraps, make sure you use an onion that still has hairy roots coming off the bottom. Cut the onion bulb in half. Put the half with the roots in good soil, root side down. Water it well. In a few days, you will begin to see new sprouts coming out of the top of the onion.

Try these easy and fun gardening projects with your kids! They will love seeing the new growth without seeds.

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