Ten Types of Gardening Ultimate Gardening Collection (DIGITAL)



Maybe you’ve been following the gardening series on Crunchy Christian podcast . I talked about a couple of types of gardening on the show, but it didn’t go very deep. And, I couldn’t cover all these other types for those who can’t do a vegetable garden. Here’s the answer! This e-book bundles information on how to get started with ten types of gardening. These include:

  • tower gardens,
  • container gardens,
  • raised bed gardens,
  • organic gardening,
  • vegetable gardening,
  • edible landscapes,
  • herb gardens,
  • flower gardens,
  • rose gardens, and
  • water gardens.

Along with this guide on ten types of gardening, we help you decide which type of garden is best for you. Each section includes all the basics you need to start that type of gardening. Limited on space? Try a container garden, herb garden, or tower garden. Want to garden with your children? Those are also great ways to include them.  Maybe you want to beautify your home. You might want to try edible landscaping, planting flowers, or get adventurous with a water garden. This book includes information about pest control, where to get seeds and supplies, how to set up each type, and more. And, if want to learn more advanced techniques, we included additional websites for more information.

With this book on ten types of gardening, you won’t need to check out a pile of books from the library or sift through websites. All the basics are right here in one place, making it easy for you to get started on your next project.


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