Self Care for Busy Moms Binder (DIGITAL)



Get more sleep. Do something for yourself. Don’t be a mommy martyr. Get more exercise. Make time for God. Have a good attitude. Are you getting a headache? Feeling your neck tighten with stress? You want to take better care of yourself, you know you need to do these things, but it’s so exhausting. That’s where the Self Care for Busy Moms Binder comes in. At 100+ pages, this binder is packed with all kinds of goodies to help you reach your goals. Get all those self-care “To Do’s” out of your head and into action. Let’s unpack what the Self Care for Busy Moms Binder includes. It has pages for:

  • assessing how you currently use your time
  • how you can find time for yourself in your busy schedule
  • writing down positive affirmations that you can post in your own high traffic areas
  • your gratitude lists
  • sleep trackers
  • activity/exercise trackers
  • tracking unplugged time
  • “eat this, not that” type tracker
  • ideas for learning new things, spending time with others, and creating a home sanctuary
  • adult coloring pages
  • blank monthly calendars
  • and extra space for notes

Check out the sample pages to see some of these pages for yourself. This beautiful binder will help you implement some of the tips and strategies from the Pursuing Peace Challenge. Invest in yourself so you can be a better mom and wife.


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