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NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT FOR U.S. CUSTOMERS. 30-day Bible Journal includes books of the Bible tracker and journal pages.

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NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT FOR UNITED STATES CUSTOMERS. This 30-day pink Bible Study Journal includes tracker sheets for both the Old and New Testament as well as daily journal pages. Journal pages have spaces for you to note prayer needs, track read passages, and more. Organize your quiet time so you can look back on all the work you’ve done with Jesus this month. This journal is appropriate to use with the SOAP Bible study method. The steps of this method are: Scripture, Observation (what does it say?), Application, and Prayer.

We all know that Bible study is an integral part of growing in our faith. This pink Bible study journal works well as a supplement to any Bible study you may be working on and doesn’t include any verses. Use it in your daily quiet time. You can also take it with you to your small group Bible study to help you really dig in to what you’re learning. And then, during group prayer time, you can easily track what to pray for each person. This journal allows you to keep everything in one place.

Need more guidance or a daily verse? Check out our Rainbow SOAP Bible study journal or our Journaling with Jesus.

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