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NOW IN PRINT FOR UNITED STATES CUSTOMERS. Enjoy 16 pages of affirmations in this gratitude adult coloring book to help you embrace a positive outlook. Press in to your faith and to renewing your mind by focusing on all the blessings in your life. Use it as a relaxing and creative way to enjoy some quiet time with the Lord. And, focusing on gratefulness even when you don’t feel grateful helps change your negative thoughts to positive ones. Unwind after a stressful and busy day with a fun, proven, relaxation technique. A gratitude adult coloring book combines the benefits of coloring with using a gratitude journal to practice mindfulness.

After all,  research shows adult coloring books help people relax and release stress and anxiety. This gratitude adult coloring book is no different. As it helps you change your focus, your worries slip away. You become fully present in the here and now with Jesus as you meditate and color His Word. And, what better way to focus on Jesus than through ways in which you are grateful for all you have and all He offers! Coloring can also improve your memory, sleep, and general outlook.

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