Guided Gratitude Journal with Pink Flowers (DIGITAL)


This full color, illustrated mini gratitude journal takes you on a week-long journey toward more gratefulness using six daily questions.


This full color, illustrated guided gratitude journal takes you on a month-long journey toward more gratefulness using six daily questions. These six questions are: Today, I am most grateful for _____because_______it makes me feel ________. Things that made me smile today___________. Things that made me frown today_____________. How I will make tomorrow rock!_______________.

Focusing on these questions will help you see the positive everyday and teach you to look for the silver lining in everything. Gratitude is an attitude of thanksgiving that lifts your mood and shifts your focus to exclaiming instead of complaining. We focus on Christ instead of our circumstances. We remember the good things and intentionally work to improve the not-so-good things.

As we practice gratefulness, we begin to change from the inside out. Our thought patterns and beliefs, the things we say to ourselves, and our relationships all change. They become healthier and more aligned with what Christ says about us, our lives, our purpose, and our walk.

Are you ready to find more joy? Get started with this month-long focus on gratitude through our guided gratitude journal. You won’t want to stop there when you begin to see what happens in your life. You’ll want to print another copy so you can keep going.


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