How to Unschool Successfully Masterclass


This course is only available in the United States. 


This course is only available in the United States. First, check out all the FREE content on the Roadmap to Unschooling Success. This Masterclass will further your knowledge of how to unschool successfully and provide you with additional resources.

Check out what comes in this course:

  • PRINT COPIES of my two unschooling books: God Schooling: How God Intended Children to Learn AND 100 Ways to Motivate Kids. And a study guide for God Schooling.
  • The huge, Our Unschooling Year planner with instructions on how to use it and goal setting
  • Template for planning and tracking high school courses
  • NINE video workshops: How to Pivot to Unschooling, How to Motivate Kids Without Bribes or Punishments, How to Unschool High School, and six more.
  • And 100+ pages of unschool-friendly activities you can use right now!

This Masterclass replaces the bundle and will help you understand what it takes to unschool successfully. Check it out!


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