Honoring Motherhood Devotional (DIGITAL)



This 30-day motherhood devotional honors mothers from the Bible and the challenges of motherhood generally. Be encouraged through short stories and Bible passages. Mothers of the Bible faced many challenges, joys, and disappointments. What can these mothers teach you about the challenges you face? Mothers are precious and this devotional speaks to what it means to be a woman of God serving her family. As you read and meditate using this motherhood devotional, you will grow in your faith and in your journey as a mother, whether you are a spiritual mother or a biological mother.

Devotionals are a great addition to your morning basket for mom. They also give you a quick Bible reading to start your day when you don’t have time for a longer quiet time. And, when you use a digital one, you can read it on your phone or tablet without filling up your bookshelves with used devotionals. You can also print out particular devotions that you feel will help other family members. And then they, too, can add those devotions to their daily reading and meditating time. The whole family benefits and finds comfort and encouragement from one set of themed devotions. Get yours today and start pressing in to the Lord!


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