Homeschool Planner for Kids (DIGITAL)



This 36 week homeschool planner for kids is simple, fun, and easy to use. It’s perfect for kids aged 10-14 years. It includes instructions for how to use it, written directly to middle schoolers. Each page has space for the five school days and a portion for personalizing it through their own colored designs. These aren’t little kid coloring pages, but grown-up style designs that will help them relax, focus, and exercise their creativity. They are similar in complexity to the adult coloring books we sell.

This homeschool planner for kids keeps the pages simple so that the planner can be used for a variety of homeschool styles. If you give your student assigned work each week, then s/he can write in those assignments under the appropriate day. Then, s/he can cross them out as they do them. It also works well if you’re more relaxed and collaborate with your student on goal-setting and project planning. Your student can write down ahead of time what they plan to do each day to move toward his/her goal. At the end of the week, they can look back and see how they did.

This homeschool planner for kids can also be used as a sort of diary. Your student can take some time at the end of each day to write down what educational activities they did. Whatever way you use it, it’s fun and versatile. And, there’s some surprise extra grown-up coloring pages included. Super cool!


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