High School Planner (DIGITAL)



This feminine high school planner is perfect for the self-directed teen. Includes pages for:

  • Semester Goals: Help your student set and organize her goals for the semester. These pages show her what steps she needs to take and what resources she will need.
  • Goals Progress Tracking pages: these pages will help your student easily see the progress she’s making toward reaching those goals
  • Project Planning and Progress Checker pages: goals are not the same as projects. So, these pages help your student set up the projects she will work on and make sure she stays on track to complete them.
  • 52 Weekly Schedule pages: Because not everything is a project, we included weekly schedule pages. That way, she can track everything she does, even the unplanned stuff! These pages look a lot like the ones in our Homeschool Planner for Kids.
  • Year at a Glance and 2 page Spread Monthly Planning pages round out this high school planner.

At 100+ pages, this printable, high school planner has all your teen needs to successfully plan and accomplish her self-directed learning path for the year. Or, if you follow a more traditional path, use this planner to help your teen with independent study courses. Helping your teen learn to manage her own learning is an important step toward adulthood.



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