Ditch Sugar Challenge Super Bundle


This is the perfect accompaniment to help you succeed at ditching sugar for good!

  • Three recorded video sessions on preparing for the challenge and what to expect, how to address special challenges, and how to use a powerful free app for long-term success!
  • Includes 50 page printable workbook that includes space for recipes, snacks, and substitutions; weight loss and food journal; eating out plan and more! Track your progress and see success!
  • Recipe Book with 10 Low-Carb Breakfast Recipes (that aren’t eggs and bacon!)
  • List of 20 websites that feature free, no and low sugar recipes to help you plan meals
  • List of 101 foods that won’t raise blood sugar
  • List of herbal aids for deep detoxing 
  • 3 Infographics: 6 Ways to Gain Appetite Control, 4 Benefits of Low Carb Diets, & 10 Low Calorie Super Foods

We want you to succeed and provide you with everything you need to avoid high sugar, high carb foods; substitute with nutritious, delicious alternatives; understand how to control your appetite, prepare for those challenging circumstances that tempt you. and track your progress so you can celebrate your wins! We even offer a short recipe book that helps you with the hardest meal of the day–breakfast.

This bundle gives you the tools to dump sugar for good! Grab it now.




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