All About Plants: A Botany Course for Teens and Adults PRINT VERSION


This is the PRINT version of our online course for those who prefer a text.

Only available in the United States.

Take a look at all the sample pages and the Table of Contents to get a sense of this one semester course. (You may award a half credit for science upon completion of the course.) It includes a thorough study of angiosperms, gymnosperms, ferns, mosses, genetics, defenses and chemicals, plant senses (yes, they can detect far more than we realize), and more. This study uses lots of hands-on activities in the form of writing, drawing, experimenting, and doing projects. It also teaches through plant disciplines and from the ground up, not the inside out. If you are looking for a different approach for your teen, this might just be your answer! Taught by a Master Herbalist.


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