Creating a Prayer Closet Retreat

The prayer closet concept can be applied to what we already discussed: meditating on God’s Word or a quiet place for deep breathing. It can also serve as a small sanctuary to which you retreat when you feel overwhelmed. And, I know the challenges of clearing out the clutter in the entire home. So, what if you cleared out just one small space for yourself? Otherwise, it can seem impossible to overcome these messes in order to achieve pleasant surroundings and a quiet mind. But, carving out just one place within your home to go in order to escape is attainable. You can customize this prayer closet, too. Creating a calm space can help you to get started on your journey toward a more peaceful life.

a prayer closet with assortment of lit candles, pinecones, and other dried plant material

Why Create a Prayer Closet?

Having your own private retreat actually offers a number of benefits. When it comes to physical clutter, it makes sense to choose just one room so that you can lessen the overwhelm that comes from trying to manage a houseful of too much stuff. Clearing out one room (or even a closet) is easier than dealing with all of it. Plus, just getting started can help to motivate you with the bigger project. Also, having one dedicated space to calm down can help you to release a great deal of mental clutter, as well. You’ll have a sanctuary to which you can retreat after a long day or when you’re feeling particularly anxious. You’ll have a dedicated space for pouring out your heart to God, too.

How to Choose the Space for Your Prayer Closet

A prayer closet doesn’t have to be a literal closet. Many people consider their bedroom to be their oasis. It’s a quiet, private space meant for relaxation. This space could be a good one for creating an escape. However, we share this space with our husbands and sometimes, our children, too. And, with a dresser and large bed, there may not be room for a small bookshelf on which to put your prayer journal, Bible helps, and other comforting, personal items.

A spare bedroom may serve your purpose better, but most people don’t have a spare room. For these reasons, I personally prefer a literal closet. I can close the door and it offers quiet and calming surroundings. It is not a dual purpose space where I also store clothes and shoes. Instead, I cleared all that out, gave some stuff away, and made it my special place. Wherever you choose to put your prayer closet, make sure it’s a room with a door that offers various lighting options.

What to Include

Once you decide where you’ll put your prayer closet, it’s time to personalize it uniquely to you. However, there are some common characteristics to consider when customizing your room. As noted, lighting matters. Bright overhead lights can be too much for relaxing. Be sure to have a lamp, floor lights, or candles available. Aromatherapy is a nice touch for helping to release mental overwhelm. Scented candles, a reed diffuser, or room spray are recommended, unless you’re especially sensitive to smells. In my prayer closet, I set up some aromatherapy soy candles.

Soft textures can add a calming element, so you might pick up a plush area rug to sit on or opulent bedding and some cushy throw pillows. Personally, I don’t have room for all that, but since my old-fashioned 1918 closet has a window, I hung a piece of stained glass art. I also bought a fuzzy throw blanket for the chair I put in there. If you’re a tea lover, maybe you have a place for your special mug or a hot pot. The possibilities truly are endless.

Creating your own calm space can provide you with more than an escape. It can give you the peace of mind, leading you to be refreshed and renewed to face each day.


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