Morning Basket for Mom, Not just Kids

Mornings can be a hectic and rushed time, even for homeschooling families. This is especially true when you’re responsible for getting the kids their breakfast, answering questions, getting children started on their projects, table time, or other learning tasks. Some families set out a morning basket filled with reading material and gentle ways to start the day that don’t require mom’s attention. But, sometimes we mothers still feel frazzled, cranky, and overwhelmed. One way to help is to create a morning basket for mom! Let me explain to you what I mean by this and how this little bit of self-care can set the tone for a calm day.

a woman sitting outdoors with a book from her morning basket for mom

What is a Morning Basket for Mom?

A morning basket for mom works hand in hand with a prayer closet. But, even if you can’t have a special quiet place, you can still have a basket filled with devotionals, worship CDs, Bible coloring books, or other items that allow you to begin each day feeling energized, relaxed, and purposeful. Morning baskets are personal and unique. They usually involve items meant to calm or revive. Add to that any other self-care rituals that make you feel healthy, such as a skin care routine, calming exercise, or power smoothie. A morning basket becomes part of your morning routine that helps you feel prepared for – and in charge of – your day.


There are lots of great things that can be gained from your morning basket for mom. Coupled with your morning self-care routine, it allows you to positively set the tone for the entire day ahead of you. You can gain a sense of empowerment by engaging in a particular ritual each day (such as writing in a journal). This is because you are making proactive decisions on how to get things started. The activities you choose can aid in producing that mindset.

Taking time to feed your soul on a regular basis, particularly at the start of the day, will also help to improve your outlook and your coping skills. The sense of calm and control will carry over into the rest of your day. It will help you maintain your mood as you encounter obstacles and in your dealings with others. And, as I mentioned, if you add things like a healthy breakfast and exercise to your new routine, you’ll also face the day more energized and ready to go.

In addition, unlike a prayer closet, you can take your morning basket outdoors or to any room in the house and shut the door. So, if it’s a beautiful day, grab your morning basket, a muffin, and head outdoors. Even if it’s just your backyard (and with a bunch of young children, that’s about as far as you dare, right?), it’s freeing. Soak in the sunlight and feed your soul as you start your day.

Morning Basket Suggestions

Your morning basket should contain activities that you choose and from which you will most benefit. You’ll want to consider adding things that will nourish your soul and that are particularly meaningful to you. I do have some suggestions to get you started, though. Do some journaling for stress relief, sometimes known as “morning pages.” Writing about your thoughts and feelings can be quite cathartic and healing. It’s a bit like writing down your prayers, but it could more like a brain dump. Try an adult coloring book with a theme that really resonates with you. Light reading from a favorite Christian author may help you set your day, too.

Adding some exercise or going for a leisurely stroll is a great way to round out your morning routine. The extent of the workout doesn’t matter. It’s moving your body that creates energy. Taking your movement outside can add calm and perspective. Some people get a head start the night before, by writing down a tentative to-do list and schedule for the following day. This might seem a bit over-the-top. However, it truly can help to release tension by providing you with a framework for the day ahead.

These are merely a few ideas. Add whatever resonates with you. Plan to take about a half hour, more or less depending on your lifestyle. The key to reaping the benefits of a morning basket is to make it a regular practice. Soon you’ll begin to see your life transform.

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