Is it allergies or something else? Some clues

Even though you know your own body better than anyone, it can be hard to find out what is causing a disturbance in your sinuses and nasal cavity. A lot of people go years before they find that they have some kind of unknown allergy that makes their life miserable during certain parts of the year. This can happen if you regularly suffer from colds in the winter time or have chronic food allergies. For a while, I just thought I got sick easily and didn’t realize I suffered from allergies, so I know the feeling. If you’ve ever wondered, “Is it allergies or something else?” is then you might be interested in this article.

a young girl outdoors sneezing because of allergies

Is it allergies? Hmmm…

Allergies don’t burn you up

If you think back to the times when you were a child, then you can probably conjure up a few memories of what it was like to be sick at those tender ages. For most people, one of the most common experiences of being sick at a young age is the sign of a fever. It’s believed that when you’re warming up with a fever, your body is attempting to rid itself of whatever pathogens have caused the illness. The heat speeds up your immune system. However, adults don’t get fevers as frequently as children and when they do, temperatures rarely rise above 102F. If you don’t have a fever, you’re not sick. So, if you’re coughing/sneezing up a storm and no fever, then it’s probably just allergies.

Allergies don’t make your bones hurt

When you get sick, there are times when it becomes a pretty fierce ordeal for your body. Germs multiply rapidly, wreaking havoc in your body. As your body seeks and destroys these germs, you feel ill. Sometimes, one of the defenses your body raises is inflammation or other pain. Suddenly, every movement hurts. Your joints and muscles scream at the slightest touch and you just want to curl up in bed. Sometimes you suffer a headache or feel run down and lethargic, too. These symptoms commonly accompany flu and other illnesses. When you have an allergy, you may feel tired or sore from sneezing or coughing too hard, but that’s about it . If that’s the case, a few strong lozenges should do the trick to reduce the discomfort in your throat.

The Biggest Indicator: Your Eyes Itch

One of the other most common things people say is that their eyes itch during allergies. This is likely because something that you are allergic to has become airborne, and a small amount of it has found its way into your eye. Cold and flu-like symptoms can include eye itching, but it’s not nearly as common as it can be with seasonal allergies. It’s a good idea to wash your face and flush your eyes if you know there are going to be a lot of things floating in the air. 


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