Why inductive Bible lessons for kids are the best

Generally, I don’t really like Bible studies for kids. I feel that they often make Jesus look like a nice man who helped people and Biblical history look like a Saturday morning cartoon show. My own children have told me that they find many programs ask obvious, silly questions. So, when I found these inductive Bible lessons for kids from Abby Banks, I got excited. The inductive method is awesome for adults and the SOAP method (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) loosely follows this method in my Bible studies and devotional journals. Since it’s such a great method for adults, I wanted to try it for kids.

inductive bible lessons for kids with big fishes james bible study

Why inductive Bible lessons for kids are the best

No Fluff

First, these studies have no fluff. Everything is straight from the Bible. That means no cute stories, no obvious questions, no word searches or coloring pages. All your kids need are some colored pencils and their own Bible. That’s it. I recommend that they use new Bibles, though, because they will be marking them up. Since these are no fluff, the $30 price tag for a daily 9-week study seemed competitive with other high-quality companies.

Because I have older kids, I purchased the Big Fishes James Inductive Study, designed for grades 5 and up. I opted for the self study workbook only, but you can get video if you want for $10 more. The best deal is the family study bundle, though. With that, you get the Little Fishes study for grades K-4, the Big Fishes study, and the videos for $50, saving you $10. See a flip through of the James inductive Bible lessons for kids!

Teaches kids how to study the Bible

This does far more than any Bible memory program tries to do. While the point of Bible memory is to hide Scripture in our kids’ hearts, what good does that do if they don’t understand how and when to use it? (For more discussion about this, see Don’t Give Prizes for Bible Memory). This inductive Bible lessons for kids program teaches kids how to study their Bible so they truly know it. It follows the “Observation, Interpretation, Application” steps, just the same as adults. So, kids learn how to really dig into what the Scripture says, what it means, and how it applies to them. Then, they use the colored pencils to highlight particular key words that aid in learning. Kids who learn this powerful skill carry it with them into adulthood. That way, you equip them to study and defend truth.

My favorite things about Abby Banks’ inductive Bible lessons for kids

I have to say that inductive Bible lessons for kids can be hard to find! I was very pleased with the thought and hard work invested in these studies. Abby includes links to video tutorials about how to mark up the text and an e-book about the inductive Bible study method. She also includes helpful examples and additional online resource links, a link to the answer key if needed, and most of all, both a 5-day and a 4-day schedule for completing the study in 9 weeks. In addition, if you are counting the study for high school credit, she offers projects and a grading rubric for those projects. Truly, this is an awesome offering that my children and I enjoyed doing together. I learned some new things and I can’t wait for the next study!

Grab the James Inductive Study Family Bundle and start learning the Bible together.

And Now, Your Chance to Win TWO Bundles of These Fabulous Studies!

One winner will receive TWO Inductive Bible Study Family Bundles. Your students in grades K-12 can study through the books of James, Jonah, and Nahum using the inductive method. 

These studies are open & go – no prior knowledge is needed! Each book study gives you access to the Little Fishes Bible Study (grades K-4), the Self Study Workbook (grades 5-12), and video lessons (grades 5-12). These are digital products and you are free to make copies for your family’s use.

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Abby Banks is a former classroom teacher, now homeschool mom of five and pastor’s wife. Even though she grew up in a Christian home, she was never taught how to read and understand the Bible. After learning how to deep dive into the Word using the Inductive Method, Abby has taught it to kids, teens, and women in various church and homeschool contexts for the last 20 years.

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