How to mash homeschool typing lessons with any subject!

I’ve always felt that typing is an essential job skill, even though I wasn’t very enthusiastic when my mother made me take it in high school. The problem is that it’s just kind of there and that means that learning to type is often boring. All you do is sit there staring at the screen, pressing the same keys over and over–A S D F A S D F A S D F. I mean, there really isn’t any better way to do it. It takes lots of rote practice to teach your hands to do it automatically. The trick is how to get kids to sit there and do super boring homeschool typing lessons. And, how do you help them see that learning how to actually type and not just hunt and peck is faster and better?

Well, one way is to add in games and another way is to integrate other subject areas that have more meaning to them. Third, it helps if they can see themselves get faster and more accurate. Hey, then they can test their typing speed against their previously noted hunt and peck speed. Nothing proves a point like raw data, eh? Now, to find homeschool typing lessons that do all those things…. Enter Typesy.

homeschool typing lessons with typesy

Homeschool Typing Lessons With a Twist!

One account for the whole family

Like many other online typing programs, Typesy includes lessons and games that teach keyboarding and also challenge students to improve accuracy and speed. However, Typesy can be used by multiple members of the same household who are in different grades. The parent interface allows you to add several children and choose age appropriate lessons for each one. So, a family with a first grader, third grader, sixth grader, and ninth grader can all use the same account and learn at their own level. Typesy tracks each student’s progress and parents can see how everyone is doing on one dashboard. I like this so much better than the old school books or CD ROMs. No more separate accounts, skipping around, and guessing about student progress.

homeschool typing lessons from typesy

Simplified Homeschool Typing Lessons

Got kids that get confused and distracted easily? The lessons and games in Typesy aren’t busy and visually overwhelming. The screen is uncluttered and the games are simple to learn. This makes these lessons very special needs friendly. In addition, games are unlocked by earning points in lesson time. The more effort your student puts into accuracy and speed, the more points he earns towards unlocking games. What a great incentive!

Practice Typing Using Standards-Based School Lessons

No more boring Q W E R T Y practice! Now it’s time to put those skills to work! Once students learn to type, they can practice with a variety of lessons based on school subjects or topics. You can also upload or choose challenging words you wish your students to practice typing. This feature helps pull everything together and makes the homeschool typing lessons come alive. Then, kids get to practice using real writing samples and maybe learn a little something at the same time. This unique aspect of Typesy sold me. I had never seen this in a typing program before and loved it. Typing speeds soared and enthusiasm rose…..

homeschool typing lessons from typesy
homeschool typing lessons from typesy

And, if That’s Not Enough…

If you don’t have another course that teaches computer skills, success skills, and builds vocabulary for standardized college admissions exams, Typesy offers add-ons in those things, too. It can be your one-stop shop for student success. Check out Typesy and see if it’s a good fit for your family!

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