Awesome Free Math Games for Kindergartners from Beast Academy

One of my favorite ways to teach math is with games, especially free math games for kindergartners. In the old days, we used file folder games or a book like Games for Math by Peggy Kaye to create homemade games for practicing math facts. Now, there’s Beast Academy Playground from Beast Academy. A friend of mine just started homeschooling and I wanted to introduce her to some of the low-cost methods I used with my own children. So, I hunted around for some free resources for her. I was so happy to find a great resource that offers some offline games.

free math games for kindergartners

Awesome Free Math Games for Kindergartners

Gets kids off the computer.

When my kids were kindergartners, it was really important to me that they do all of their school offline. In fact, the selection of online material for young children was limited. After all, those were the days of CD-ROMs and Reader Rabbit! I still feel that, developmentally, children needs hands-on learning, not screen learning. Their growing brains need plenty of sensory input to reach their potential. Beast Academy Playground from Beast Academy offers dozens of simple games that you can easily create with regular household materials, primarily pen and paper! They even offer videos to demonstrate how to make the games and play them. So, while you go to their website to find the games, the free math games for kindergartners through seventh graders are played on your kitchen table or floor.

Builds family bonds.

Have you ever struggled to find fun ways for all the kids to play games together, especially with large age ranges? These math games are super fun to play with a wide age range. They offer a great refresher for the older ones and fun practice for the littles. In fact, they may not even realize that they’re doing lessons. It’s a great way to get them all laughing and learning together. For an example, check out this video of a Go Fish variation for practicing adding up to ten. But, it can easily be adapted to practice adding up to twenty, or even practicing multiplication.

Develops a love for math that goes beyond the basics.

One of my favorite things about Beast Academy Playground from Beast Academy is that the games are so varied. Math is so much more than arithmetic! So, they don’t just offer those types of games. When you visit their website, you’ll see fractals, Mobius strip, binary numbers, and more! I learned a lot experimenting with the games and even my teenagers wanted to try them out! I especially appreciated the suggested variations because it extended the learning and helped with adapting the games. They also include learning notes to help parents (and older kids) see the math connections, appreciate the history behind the game, and connect the game to other subjects and/or careers. Check out my teens playing Sim.

Free math games for kindergartners appropriate for special needs!

Children with ADHD or Asperger’s have a very low tolerance for boring textbooks. They need relevance, fun, hands-on, and parental presence. Beast Academy Playground offers all of these and adds in the elements of choice and variety. Let your child browse the free math games and if he wishes, choose a different one each day for you to play together. For your Aspie, it is a wonderful way to offer choice that holds little risk. After all, if she doesn’t like the game, she can immediately choose a different one. Or, she can play the same game over and over. Check out Beast Academy Playground by clicking the image below.

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