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What is the Talking With Plants series? 

The Talking With Plants series is a new botany curriculum written and designed by a Master Herbalist and certified Aromatherapist. Each book in the series features plants with personality! Listen in on their conversations as they talk about themselves, their families, and their habitats. Learn about plants from plants and enjoy many hands-on experiences. No twaddle here. It is the ultimate living book experience!

What does this study cover? 

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Who are Helia and Zea?

Helia is a sunflower, Helianthus annuus, and a dicot. Zea is corn, Zea mays, and a monocot. Your child not only learns about monocots and dicots in this volume, but he also learns about botanical nomenclature and a bit of math, geography and culture, and even some art and literature. Don’t worry, though, the focus is still on science. Lots of science. But, Helia and Zea are important to people and this study acknowledges that by integrating human touchpoints into the study of plants.

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  • Written for ages 8-12, but includes additional activity pages for younger siblings.
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