7 Facts About Trees for Kids Who Hate Trees

I haven’t really met a kid who hated all trees. But, I have met kids who hate certain trees because of the way their fruits smell. I have also met children who hate certain trees because they are allergic to them. Because of these things, sometimes kids decide to avoid trees or decide that they can do just fine without them. However, there’s a lot to like about trees. These facts about trees for kids who have developed one of these aversions might give them a new appreciation. Let’s dig in!

facts about trees for kids

Facts About Trees for Kids

Natural air conditioning

One of the great things about planting trees around your home and neighborhood is that trees provide shade. But, not only do they provide shade, they make the air cooler by as much as 10 degrees. That’s why when you walk through the woods, it feels cooler. The trees create a canopy that prevents sunlight from heating up the ground too much. If you have trees near your home, they can reduce the cost of air conditioning in the summertime. So, if you need some relief from the summer sun? Head for a tree!

Natural air purifier

This is one of the reasons why botany is important. Trees clean the air and play an important role in managing urban pollution. All those little mouths (stomata) on the leaves suck in the dirty air and breathe out the clean air. So, all the poisons in the air stay inside the tree. What an inexpensive and beautiful natural air purifier!

Sturdy climbing equipment is the most exciting fact about trees for kids

What kid doesn’t like climbing around on playground equipment? Well, trees provide natural, sturdy climbing structures and every tree is unique. So, each tree is a new experience and challenges kids’ imaginations, problem-solving skills, and agility. And, they are freely available to every kid, making the benefits of playing outside accessible to everyone. Add a swing and/or a treehouse for even more fun! Just be careful and don’t climb branches thinner than the thickness of your thigh. So, if all the branches are thin, don’t try climbing it.

Make their own bandaids

This is one of my personal favorite facts about trees for kids. Did you know that trees are self-healing, just like people? That sap that oozes from the tree protects the tree from pests and disease. It also helps the tree heal from injury. After all, sap is the blood of the tree! People use this sap, too. They use it to waterproof boats and roofs of houses, in paint, and other things. They also use it in medicine and in the case of maples, use it as a sweetener.

Oldest living things is an amazing fact about trees for kids

This is another one of my favorite facts about trees for kids. Trees live longer than any other living organism, and the Bristlecone Pine is the oldest tree among them. The oldest one is dated as being nearly 5,000 years old and bears the name “Methuselah.” How fitting. Can you imagine what these trees have seen? And here’s another interesting fact–all the oldest trees are evergreens, which spread their tiny seeds by wind. This is perfect for post-Flood re-forestation!

Keep land from washing away

Did you know that the flooding issues in the Mississippi delta are due in part from destruction of the Mangrove swamps? Yes. The trees help disburse the strong ocean tides. And, trees help prevent erosion of lakefronts and riverbeds because their roots hold the soil in place and protect the land from the currents. So, if you live near water, don’t pull up the trees so you can see the beach. The trees are keeping your house from eventually sliding into the water!

Keep half their bodies underground

Did you know that a tree’s root system is just as extensive underground as it is aboveground? It’s like having two systems of branches that mirror each other. And, the “branches” underground don’t go very deep. Most of them are within the first foot of soil, but extend out several yards from the tree trunk. While we tend to think that tree roots go down deep into the soil, they don’t. That’s why a tornado can pull a tree out of the ground and why too much digging around in your yard can kill your tree. And while it may seem that a tree can take some hacking at the root level, it really can’t. Cutting off roots makes it more difficult for the tree to get water and nutrients from the soil. So, be careful!

There’s so much more to learn about these amazing and majestic creations! Grab your free printable pages and start exploring!

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