It’s Family Movie Night with Mount Hideaway Mysteries

Have you ever settled in for family movie night and after about 20 minutes, you want to turn the movie off? I have. Sometimes, friends or family recommended the movie. Sometimes, I heard others raving about it. Personally, I like to read about the plot, scan the reviews for the negative ones (these often reveal more than the positive ones), and watch the trailer. But, even if the plot and the cinematography are well done, inevitably something disappoints. Mostly, it’s because reviewers and movie producers don’t care about the same things that I care about. But, this is not the case with Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s.

detective family movie night with mount hideaway mysteries

Family movie night by and for homeschoolers

First, the producer and many of the actors are from the homeschooling community in Virginia. This immediately piqued my interest, especially when I learned that the movie includes a homeschooling family. Only fellow homeschoolers can accurately portray homeschooling in a respectful and positive way. In this movie, the story line smoothly integrates homeschooling into the background of the main characters. In fact, it addresses some of the myths that still circulate. It’s not often that we see homeschooling depicted in movies, even though it is now a mainstream educational choice. And, when major motion pictures do include a homeschooled character, they portray the character as eccentric and socially awkward. I hate that.

So, I was very happy to watch a movie that included an accurate homeschooling situation and thrilled that homeschoolers independently produced it. I love supporting other homeschoolers striving to offer wholesome entertainment with excellence. This movie blazes the path for other homeschoolers to create family-friendly films, too. Check out this trailer.

Family movie night that mirrors real people


Another thing I really liked about this movie is the way they portray female characters. Most movies portray women as needy, incompetent, whiny, and in need of saving. Or, they portray the other extreme of overbearing, sassy, masculine, and demanding females. Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s does neither. Instead, the lead female character is smart, respectful, and friendly. The other women, including her friends and her mother, are also portrayed as intelligent, helpful, competent, and respectful women. These women are business owners, investigators, veterinarians, and other positive roles. I love this–real women my daughters can look up to.

family movie night at home with a boy and girl on the couch watching
My younger two watching intently.


Don’t you hate it when movies portray parents as bumbling fools and the kids as the truly wise ones? That’s not only insulting, it’s unbiblical. It wasn’t always this way, so watching old movies and television series helps. But, then I encounter the helpless, ignorant portrayal of women again. Sigh. Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s offers a wholesome, accurate portrayal of parents and adults. This movie features wise and capable adults to which young people defer for help and advice. And, they do it in a way that doesn’t look down on the youth. Everyone is depicted in a respectful way that honors their gifts. I really appreciated this.

Supports independent film-making

Finally, I personally feel that independent film-making is the future. Homeschoolers have a unique opportunity to step in and offer quality, family-friendly, God-honoring film choices. Media is powerful and for the first time in history, the technology for producing full-length films is within the grasp of almost anyone. When you are looking for a new movie for family movie night, check out indie films produced by other homeschoolers first, especially Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s. It’s a perfect example of excellence in independent film-making.

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