How to customize your prepper pantry for your family

A prepper pantry is more than just some extra food you have on hand. You can’t customize your prepper pantry if you are grabbing stuff willy nilly without a plan. With a plan, it is something you can create over time to get you and your family through a potentially disastrous situation. This could be anything from an unexpected layoff, a natural disaster, a pandemic, or anything in between. With a plan, you will know exactly what to buy, how much to buy, and when you have enough. A prepper pantry is one of the best ways to make sure you have what you need in a crisis.

customize your pantry with rows of dried grains and beans

How to plan for and customize your prepper pantry

Scope Out The Space

Consider where you are going to put your prepper pantry. In order for it to function properly, it will need to be in a cool area free of humidity. For many folks, that rules out the basement, garage, and attic. Those places are too hot or too humid. (Maybe a spare bedroom, laundry room, or extra storage in a couple of closets? Hmmm…..) It is also important to be sure your space is pest proofed so bugs and rodents can’t get into your stored food. Keeping your prepper pantry free of moisture is also important so that mold and mildew do not destroy what you will need in an emergency.

Measure out the area as well, so you can delegate enough space for each thing you decide to stock up on. Determining the appropriate amount of space will require some grocery store calculations, too (How many cans/bags/jars will fit in the space I have available?) If you need to install shelves, make sure you have room for those as well. Shelving should be sturdy, but not too bulky—you want plenty of room for your supplies. Remember, a lot of foods easily stack without shelves.

Consider Your Budget

Putting yourself in a bad situation to avoid a bad situation is not the way to go. Please, do not go into debt or forgo buying what you normally need in order to stock your prepper pantry. It is perfectly fine to get a little at a time and create your pantry slowly. Take advantage of sales, and/or buy one or two extras of something every time you shop. There is no need to panic when you decide to make yourself a prepper pantry; calmly and rationally planning your pantry will serve you and your loved ones much better.

Keep It Separate

It is very important to make sure your prepper pantry is exclusively for emergency preparedness. If you use it every day for incidentals, you will not have what you need when the situation arises. No “borrowing” from your stores when you run out of your weekly groceries. A prepper pantry is specifically for getting you through tough times of all kinds… Using it up when that is not the case can have dire consequences.

Customize your prepper pantry with non-food supplies

Make sure when you are delegating space, you have room for toiletries, cooking supplies, cleaning supplies, first aid supplies, and possibly even living space if needed. This is especially true if you live in a natural disaster zone. You may also need solar powered generators and/or chargers, especially if you need to be able to contact other people or continue remote work. Personally, I don’t keep those things in my working prepper pantry because I’m not threatened by hurricanes and earthquakes (and only slightly by tornadoes). Consider your situation carefully before going out and buying a bunch of extra stuff you won’t ever need.

It is not hard to start a prepper pantry that works well for you and your family. Just put a plan in place and stick to it. All you need is a little bit at a time in the right environment, and you will have an amazing resource to turn to when you need it most.


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