5 Reasons to Get Excited About Overseas Christian Missions

Every year, my church has Missionary Christmas and they invite one of our missionaries to come and speak about Christian missions. It’s wonderful to see slide shows and hear about the impact they are having in Taiwan, Germany, India, and even in remote northern Canada. There is always an invitation to the congregation to be the next missionary. And, one of the things that always strikes me is that fewer and fewer young people want to go to remote places and share the Gospel.

People have many theories about why this is. I think that false ideas about Christian missions abound. These myths and false perceptions make young people hesitant. Maybe they need some exciting reality! One great example that all young Christians should see are the video series from The Wild Brothers Productions.

The first time I saw The Wild Brothers Productions was at the Answers in Genesis store at The Ark Encounter. It was playing an episode of their Adventures in Creation series on the big monitors for all the visitors to see. I was riveted to the screen and so was one of my sons. This video made Christian missions look like the exciting adventure that it could be!

5 Reasons to Get Excited About Overseas Christian Missions

Missionary Christmas has come around again this year, reminding me of outreach and service as part of homeschooling. Then, I recently received an issue of the Answers magazine and I saw an ad about their store. This brought back thoughts of the Wild brothers. I wondered what they were up to now. So, I checked out their website, Wild Brothers Productions. I discovered that they have been making videos a lot longer than I thought! So, I grabbed their earliest series, Growing Up Wild, so I could see how it all started. They were so young! These videos inspired my teens and me more than any speaker ever could. It made me reflect on why. Here are five reasons that I came up with.

You Get to Learn a New Language through Christian Missions

The Wild family chose to go to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and work with the Wano people. This people group has no written language, so the Wilds had to learn it through immersion. It’s exciting to learn a language no one else speaks and get a chance to develop a written form of it. It can be kind of like deciphering a real-life secret code. You can’t do that by staying home!

You Get to Learn New Skills

One of the things I really liked about the Growing Up Wild set of videos was that they included ways to extend the topics of the videos. They always included Bible verses related to the video topic and then several observational and research oriented projects. These might include ideas such as researching the role of Papua New Guinea and the south Pacific in World War II or cataloging the insects in your area and learning more about them.

But, even without the extension activities, we got to see the Wild family learn how the Wano people build houses, grow food, make toys, and many other everyday skills. They learned new ways of doing things that they’d never even think of otherwise. Learning these new skills from less advanced cultures holds many humbling lessons. What an opportunity to grow!

You Have Adventures in Christian Missions

Leaving all your American toys and gadgets behind gives you the opportunity to have awesome adventures out in Creation! My teens and I enjoyed watching all the adventures the boys had out in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. They found many unusual creatures and plants, climbed trees, explored caves and islands, and built things from their natural surroundings. Seeing all the fun they were having inspired my teens to get out in the woods and wetlands more. But it also showed them that Christian missions are fun and exciting.

christian missions to papua new guinea

You Meet Interesting People

In Growing Up Wild, we got to meet interesting people as we followed the Wild family. They introduced us to many of the Wano people, beautiful and unique. As missionaries to a remote part of the world, they got to discover a new way to experience community and culture. They also found that the human connection goes deeper than shared cultural customs and beliefs. Sometimes stripping away all your cultural comforts is the best way to learn how to just be a person. And doesn’t that sound appealing right now?

You Share the Gospel with Unreached Cultures

Of course, the whole point of Christian missions is to share the Gospel. But what really impressed me about the Growing Up Wild videos was that they showed us how they integrated into the Wano culture and how the Wano embraced them. While they went there to share the Gospel and give to the Wano people, the Wano also gave to them. The Wild family gained a new home, community and friends, culture, traditions and way of life, memories, and most of all, an eternal family that will endure forever. Wouldn’t you like to share the Gospel in a remote part of the world and live the life of the Wild family? What can you do in your own community?

christian missions videos from wild brothers productions
I had to have the whole set of Growing Up Wild videos!

Use These Videos to Teach Your Children

Get your kids excited about Christian missions and teach them about what modern missionaries are doing with Wild Brothers Productions. Check out the Growing Up Wild series, the Adventures in Creation series, and their newest vlog productions.

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