Best Writing Websites for Kids with Imagination

Since my kids are all teens and young adults now, a lot of newer homeschooling  moms (especially this past year! LOL) ask for my advice. But, some of the things that I used to recommend aren’t available anymore. So, I look for writing websites for kids as well as printed materials that I think are good. I still generally don’t recommend teaching writing to little kids, but when I discover something that offers great benefits and doesn’t feel like school, I’m on board. One of the best writing websites for kids that I found when doing my research was Night Zookeeper.  

boy at computer doing night zookeeper writing website for kids

Among the Best Writing Websites for Kids

One of the best ways to teach children ages 5-10 how to write is through writing games for kids. When kids learn better word choice, sequencing, and sentence structure through writing games, they remember it. Night Zookeeper utilizes kids’ love of writing games and story to engage children in the writing process. When kids start Night Zookeeper, they watch an introductory video that introduces them to the storyline. Then, they get to create their own imaginary animal and write about it. The Night Zookeeper world is one of those writing websites for kids that immerses them in an imaginary world where they can team up with others, fight bad guys, and level up. They have so much fun, they hardly know they’re doing school!

Benefits of Night Zookeeper

Full writing curriculum

While this writing program for kids is fun and engaging, it’s also robust. It offers the full range of language arts instruction appropriate for each age level. In fact, you can use it as a core writing curriculum, although your child will never know it! Each week, they access two lessons that incorporate video and games. The program also prompts them with learning challenges for which they receive Orbs. Orbs allow them to level up their ability to fight battles and to further personalize their animals. Even if they choose not to meet the challenges, this writing program for kids saves their work in draft mode so they can come back to it. In addition, parents receive free monthly printables to further enrich the online learning.

Professional and Peer Feedback

Other writing websites for kids might offer games and instruction, but my favorite feature of Night Zookeeper is the professional and personalized feedback from a dedicated team of tutors. So, you don’t need to wonder if your child is progressing in her skills. And, your child gets objective, unbiased support. In addition to professional help, your child can also get and give feedback on other children’s writing. You, of course, control access to this community feature, but it does lend an added layer of motivation. There’s nothing quite like real life comments and suggestions to make learning relevant!

Opportunity to Get Published

Night Zookeeper offers competitions weekly, monthly, and at other times throughout the year, so children can win prizes and set meaningful goals. In addition, they can also get their work published in the team blog and in occasional Night Zookeeper anthologies. What better real world application for improving writing is there? Are you ready to give your child an adventure?

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