Benefits of Minimalist Living

You now know what a negative effect clutter can have on your life. This includes both physical and mental clutter. Minimalism involves reducing the stuff in our lives, but it’s not just decluttering. It’s more a mindset that embraces simple living and purposefully leaving margin–financially, in time commitments, and in every area of life.

The benefits of minimalist living go beyond material things. It’s about focusing on what matters most. This can also be experiences and people. There’s even a homeschooling style called minimalist homeschooling, which takes this philosophy one step further. There are many benefits of minimalism when it comes to improving your frame of mind and leading to calm. Let’s explore just a few of the big ones.

the benefits of minimalist living with sparse white kitchen furniture and little decor

Material Benefits of Minimalist Living

Spend Less

When you make a concerted effort to rid your life of physical possessions and to keep what you do own to a minimum, you’ll spend less money. You’ll begin to consider your purchases far more carefully than you once did to avoid filling up your home with unnecessary clutter again.

A while back, I learned a couple of tips about new purchases after clearing clutter. The first tip demanded that I get rid of something every time I brought a new item in–one in, one out. The second tip urged me to go home and try to forget about that item. If I still felt the same way a couple of days later, then seriously consider the purchase. But, very often, after the impulse wore off, I no longer wanted the new item. The trick, though, is getting everyone in the house on board with such a policy. Not an easy feat!

More Freedom

No longer beholden to your things, you’ll start to feel less attached to what you’ll soon realize doesn’t matter much. This is quite freeing. It’s like a burden lifts from your shoulders because you no longer have to worry about all that stuff. Maybe you’ll find that you were, in fact, enslaved to it and now, your chains are gone. You’ll find this sense of freedom invigorates and rejuvenates your soul.

Make Room

By purging all the things that don’t matter, you’ll be clearing space for what does. You’ll be surrendering the good so you can enjoy the best. You won’t feel smothered and overwhelmed by your surroundings or by the non-material things that stress you out. You’ll have room for more meaningful stuff, people, and moments.

Knowing What Matters is the Most Important Benefit of Minimalist Living

By paring down your possessions and the people in your life, you’ll be forced to decide what matters most. Through making these choices, you will need to decide what criteria you will use. Does something stay because it’s useful? Sentimental? Expensive? Does it stay because it brings you joy?

Consider the people in your life, too. Are you surrounded with people who complain, criticize, gossip, leech from you, depleting your joy and peace? I once heard a wise Christian woman say that friends are appointments from God. They are in your life because they have something to teach you or you have something to teach them. Seldom are they there “just because.” Maintaining friendships is hard work and should be mutually enriching. Sometimes, we have to let people go. This can bring you a great deal of satisfaction and peace.

Health Benefits of Minimalist Living

Improved Mood

As a society, we’re taught to value materialism and to collect stuff. The more practice we get with releasing what no longer serves us and deciding what matters most, the calmer and more peaceful we will feel. You might even notice that you’re happier overall and have a sunnier outlook on your life.

Increased Confidence

Once you begin to let go of what’s no longer necessary, you’ll begin to gain a great deal of confidence. You’ll feel more secure in your decision-making, and you’ll begin to feel motivated in your capabilities. You’ll likely fear failure less due to your decreased attachment to things and your new perspective on what matters most.

Yes, a life of minimalism leads to calm. It also comes with a host of other wonderful benefits you’ll start to see rather quickly as you purge things and pare down.

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