Embrace the Benefits of Good Habits

We’ve covered multitasking and discovered how it’s actually better in so many ways to focus on one thing at a time instead. You’ll also enhance your sense of calm when you can give your full attention to what you’re doing through block scheduling. Another thing that aids in feeling calm is to embrace the benefits of good habits and routines. Sometimes, we unschoolers take a fly by the seat of our pants approach, avoiding habit and routine. But, it’s good habits that help unschoolers successfully educate their children. And, Biblically speaking, God tells us to disciple our children and training them in good habits is part of that. Read on to discover to discover for yourself some of the benefits of doing this.

a child washing her hands at the sink, demonstrating the benefits of good habits

The Benefits of Good Habits

Roles Understood

When your family engages in regular habits, everyone understands their expected role. The kids know what you expect of them. There’s no guessing about what they’re supposed to do each day, when they’ve accomplished those things, or what the standard is. It’s clear. This type of understanding brings peace of mind for the whole family. The children know what the parents expect them to do independently, from personal hygiene to chores. Having a general idea of what is expected of you or what you will be doing is reassuring.

Fewer Miscommunications

Again, when everyone knows the part they play in regular routines, there are fewer miscommunications. Everyone is on the same page, and things get done in a relatively efficient and timely manner. If roles and expectations are posted or regularly discussed, there’s no dispute about who’s doing what and when. No one argues about “Well, I thought you were doing that.”

Better Performance

In addition, habits and routine can lead to better performance, for the most part. With enhanced communication and anticipated roles, the whole family can smoothly move through their daily tasks in a way that requires less thought. When everyone works together, the household runs more smoothly. And with written or visual checklists to help kids understand what constitutes a finished task, you have fewer mistakes. These checklists can be used for anything from completing a morning hygiene routine to cleaning a room or preparing a meal. Habits make things more automatic so there’s less stress, too.

Enhanced Prioritizing

Prioritizing helps to ensure your day goes well and that the important things get done. Having a regular routine in place makes it easier to add those crucial activities into your day. When you already know what to expect, making a few shifts in order to accommodate important duties really Isn’t that big of a deal. How many times have things slipped through the cracks or went unfinished because of a “just let it roll” philosophy? It’s very stressful and chaotic to not know what needs to be done, what has been done, and whether or not you can fit something in. Some of the benefits of good habits are predictability and structure that bring order to your day so spontaneous activities don’t overwhelm you.

Sense of Security

Habit and routine are wonderful when it comes to giving us a sense of security. They eliminate much of the unknown that makes kids anxious and clingy. When you can ease into a regular routine and take part in activities on an anticipated schedule, it just feels comforting. Kids can relax when they know what to expect, what will happen next. They have something to look forward to and they develop a beneficial rhythm that helps them be productive as they grow up.

The greatest benefit of good habits: Less Stress

When striving for added calm in your life, try adding some regular habits or routines you can count on. You’ll be surprised at just how much stress this will eliminate for you. All of the reasons above combined result in this final benefit. Knowing what’s expected of you, avoiding arguments or mistakes due to miscommunications, being able to attend to the most important activities, and feeling secure all result in the elimination of stress in your life. That’s something we all want!

Hopefully, knowing these benefits of routine will motivate you to implement your own daily life habits. Give it a try to see just how much calm you can gain.

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