An ArtzaBox Review: A Beautiful Trip to Galilee

Have you heard of Artzabox? These quarterly subscription boxes aim to take you to the Holy Land and walk in Christ’s footsteps. While a trip to the Holy Land is on my bucket list, this offers a great alternative. I can even use it in my homeschool to teach my kids about Israel. In this Artzabox review, I want to share with you what I received in the Galilee box.

artzabox review of the galilee box

An ArtzaBox Review of the Galilee Box

First, I just want to say that everything I received was high quality, full sized products made by local artisans in Israel. I love supporting small, local businesses. So, it delighted me that ArtzaBox worked hard to partner with folks to bring me handcrafted items such as beautiful taper candles, bar soap, and a mosaic craft. The ArtzaBox folks also included cards about each of the artisans so I could get a peek into their process and values. So I not only get a feel for Israel through the items, but also through meeting the people behind the items. Take a look at everything that came in my Galilee box!

contents of the galilee artzabox review

Food Items

In my box, I received some delicious food items, only one of which I already had in my cupboard–extra virgin olive oil. The other two items–Nectar Spread and Hummus Seasoning–I had never seen before. I love trying new foods, so these were a welcome way to try a taste of Israel. Included with the Hummus Seasoning was a recipe card describing how to make authentic Jewish hummus. Hmmm! The Nectar Spread has been delicious on taste or bagels. I even tried it on crackers. My favorite aspect of this spread is that it is sweetened with nectar from coconut flowers. That makes it safe for me to eat on my Paleo diet!

Items for the Home

As you can see from the photo, I also received several household and family items in my box. Every box comes with eight items to support their eight objectives of something to: inspire, learn, taste, share, cook, and cherish; and something for the soul and for the body. I feel that some of the included items overlap in fulfilling these objectives. So, in addition to items to taste and cook, my ArtzaBox review includes a game, a bar of soap, a mosaic craft, candles, and a small earthen bowl. My sensitive skin enjoyed the soap and I discovered a great way to reuse the cotton bag that it came in. You know all those little soap bits that are left as the soap gets used? Why not put them in this little bag and let the suds that seep through continue to clean!

My favorite item among all of these, though, was the mosaic craft. All those little stones came from locations all over Israel and are a tiny keepsake reminder of its landscape. Imagine. When you hold the stones, you are holding tiny pieces of the very stones on which Christ tread. And, the suggested patterns you can create with the stones further link our Christian heritage to this ancient site.

Stunning photographs to complete the ArtzaBox review experience!

It’s like your best friend took a trip and sent you photos of some of the most historically significant sites as well as the most beautiful scenery. These are frame-perfect prints of famous sites all over Galilee. We put the landscape print on our bookshelf to enjoy the experience of seeing where Jesus spent a lot of his time while he was here with us. And you can, too.

Use code JULIE20 to save 20% on your first order at Artzabox right now. These make a beautiful and meaningful Christmas gift or enhancement to your Bible study. And of course, if a trip to the Holy Land is on your bucket list, these boxes will whet your appetite for more.

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